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Xbox Pillow – The Ultimate Gift for Guys

xbox pillowNintendo’s NES has one. They can be found Skype shaped. MP3 has even gotten into the act. In fact if you have not seen any of these, then it is no surprise you have missed the Xbox pillow.

These pillows are the latest craze in gamer accouterments. Not only can a person relax in front of the television playing one of their favorite games, but now that game can be played in total comfort.

Most of these pillows can be purchased almost anywhere on the Internet. There are even people who have taken it upon themselves to create hand made versions of these pillows and are selling them on places like Etsy and EBay. Be aware that if you decide to get in on the craze and create a few of your own, that you do not break any copyright laws in doing so.

The Xbox pillow you buy is going to either resemble the main console box or the controller itself. They will vary in size, dependent on who you purchase one from. Of course if you are handy with a sewing machine or care to take the time to create one by hand, there are plenty of patterns to be found at various decorative pillow web sites.