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What You Need to Know About Sleep Insomnia

sleep insomniaWhat is sleep insomnia? Insomnia is derived from to Latin words.  The first word is “in” which means “not” and the second is “somnus” which means “sleep.”  Therefore sleep insomnia is the inability to fall asleep or not remain asleep once you get to sleep.  Insomnia may also be characterized as the inability to not get quality sleep.

When you suffer from transient sleep  insomnia you most likely are experiencing the ability to sleep every few days.  When your insomnia becomes acute then it can last up to several weeks.  Chronic sleep insomnia will often last up to a month or longer.

Insomnia is not restricted to a particular age group.  More adult women are said to suffer from sleep insomnia more that adult men.  Sleep insomnia has many negative side effects such as chronic depression, poor performance at work and school, weakened immune system, obesity and you become more susceptible to degenerative diseases.