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Foam Wedge Pillow

foam wedge pillowThe foam wedge pillow is portable and firm and it gives your back the kind of support that you need.  Maybe you haven’t been able to get a good night’s sleep because you suffer from severe acid reflux and you’ve are looking for a solution.

You’ve tried tons of over the counter medicines and you still wake up every night with the same miserable, choking acid symptoms.

Try the foam wedge bed pillow and experience a full nights sleep.  The wedge and firmness helps to keep your back in a straight line.  This is not one of those soft, cushy pillows and it was not designed to be.  It can provide tremendous health benefits in more than one way.

Even if you are a large person you don’t have to worry that you will compress the pillow flat, that simply will not happen.  The sturdy design gives both your neck and back good support.  It’s just wide enough to let you sleep comfortably.  Gone are the days of your snoring as you sleep sound as a baby all through the night.

If you’ve been frustrated with other snoring aid products on the market the foam wedge pillow will be a welcomed addition to you bedroom.  The pillow is 12 x 12 x 24 so you can see it’s big enough to keep your back in an upright position.  The pillow can be flipped vertically to rest against the wall while you read a book or watch TV.  It also can be repositioned to be used as a leg rest if your feet need elevating.

Physical therapist will generally recommend that you sleep on an incline if you’re having difficulty breathing to help improve your sleep.  Probably the only drawback is that they don’t generally come with a removable pillowcases for easy washing.  The zipper front cover fits rather snugly and is not easily removed.

Whether your suffering from acid reflux, a bad back, a broken arm or snoring problems the foam wedge pillow will aid in you returning to dreamland once again.  You don’t need to stack a bunch of pillows on top of each other anymore trying to make a wedge.  The wedge pillow does it automatically for you and with perfect firmness every single time.

The foam wedge pillow is not anti-gravity so every once and awhile you may slide down a little bit but this is a slight inconvenience to put up with so that you can once again get a good night’s rest.