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A Visco memory foam pillow is a very unique pillow made from polyurethane and designed to give the consumer more sleeping comfort.  The versatility of the pillow allows the memory foam to be firmer when temperatures are cool and on the softer side as temperatures heat up.

If the pillow is made of high-density foam it reacts to the users body heat and a custom mold of their body is formed within minutes of sinking into the pillow.  When the memory foam is of a lower density then the pillow molds to the shape of the body based on the pressure being put on it. Because the memory foam reacts to body heat it has been too hot for some people to sleep on but this is normally due to a low quality visco memory foam.

The Visco memory foam pillow help the muscles relax in addition to providing great comfort while you sleep.  Visco-foam has a more open cell structure which makes is more breathable.  Visco memory foam was originally used on space shuttles to absorb some of the G-force NASA astronauts experienced during take off. Memory foam, although much denser than other polyurethane foams, is able to relieve pressure and is used in many other sleeping devices such as mattresses and cushions.

Some manufacturers of memory foam use a harmful chemical such as formaldehyde to make their foams.  Therefore, the lower quality foams tend to emit a strong chemical smell that is often very irritating to consumers.  Be sure you buy high quality memory foam pillows to avoid this problem. Sometimes, if the problem does occur, a good airing out of the pillow will do the trick but the smell could still create breathing and respiratory problems for some people.

Dust mites are usually not a problem as they are not attracted to polyurethane pillows. They do come with a removable zipper front that makes for an easy washing and they are quite durable showing little signs of wear and tear even after several years use.

A Visco memory foam pillow will be more expensive than standard pillows because they conform to your individual curves while pressure points are relieved.  Instead of feeling pressure on your hips, shoulders and knees, especially if you’re a side sleeper, the pillow molds to your body to support all of your body parts.  Your body’s weight is distributed across your entire side rather than just your shoulders or hips.

Visco memory foam pillows are readily available for online ordering.  Overall the pillow does provide a relaxing sleep if you can afford the more expensive price tag and you don’t mind subjecting yourself to a slight chemical smell in the beginning.