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Travel pillows are designed to be carried while traveling. These pillows can be used either in the transport you are traveling or at the place where you are going to stay to make your sleep comfortable. People who go on camps and hikes also make use of these pillows. The pillows are designed in such a way that they can be easily carried along by folding, compressing etc. Listed below are some of the popular pillows used by people who are use to traveling often.

TravelRest is a comma shaped pillow which can be placed across the body like a sash. It has a rounded top and a tapering bottom. The pillow provides a stable support for the head because it offers support at a natural angle. The pillow comes with washable velvet covers which are blue, red or green and are removable. It is one of the travel pillows which received highest number of reviews at The pros include supporting the head stable at a natural angle, being inflatable its density can be adjusted and when deflated it occupies less space. The cons are that it is cumbersome to move from one side to another and the cord could cover the screen of behind seat. It costs about $27.

Another popular travel pillow is the inflatable Komfort Kollar. It provides great support around the neck and below the chin. It resembles a cervical collar. These travel pillows are available in three different sizes – small, medium and large. Each pillow weighs about 7 ounces when deflated. It helps to keep your head upright and snug. You can also buy the memory foam Komfort pillow which is expensive and available only in one size. The pros include full support for the head and availability in three different sizes. The cons include difficulty in inflating, possibility of leakage and feel of too much constriction for some users. The cost of the pillows is about $28.

Therm-a-Rest is rectangular in shape travel pillow. It’s made of foam which can be compressed to 1/5th of its size for packing comfortably. These pillows are mostly used by campers, on airplanes, and inside cars and hotels. Some users feel that these pillows take too much space while packing and do not puff up enough when unpacked. The pillows are washable.

They come in three various sizes – small one measures 16 x 12 inches, the medium one is 18 x 14 inches and the large one is 23 x 16 inches. The pros include moderate and comfortable support, can be compressed to 1/5th o fits size, available in 3 sizes and the pillows can be washed wholly. The cons include taking too much space when packing and not properly fluffing when unpacked. The cost of the pillow is about $20.

The SkyRest travel pillow is differently shaped from the usual types of pillows. It supports your neck and head and is very comfortable to be used on airplanes. These can be used in any angle and support your weight. The pros include good support for your neck and head and can be used in various angles. Cons include cumbersome shape and uncomfortable if there is no front support for the pillow. The cost is about $29.