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Women who are pregnant mostly use total body pillows.  You can get these pillows at stores such as Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, BabysRUs or online at  They range in price from $35 – $50 depending on where you choose to shop.

If you’re one of those women who tend to sleep hugging one pillow and another pillow between your legs then the total body pillow will definitely suit your fancy.  These pillows are large and they sort of resemble a giant bobby pillow.  The reason they are so useful during pregnancy is that they provide extra support for your belly, your head and your hips.  It helps to distribute the weight more evenly.

A total body pillow is a sleeping necessity for the mother to be because standard pillows simply will not provide enough support unless you gather 3 or 4 of them at one time, which is quite inconvenient.    The earlier you purchase one during your pregnancy the better off you’ll be because you’ll have more time to adapt to its unique shape and large size.

It is definitely a pillow that you can continue to use after pregnancy but its large size makes a little less room for spouse in the bed unless you decide to invite him in for a snuggle.  If you’re use to 500 thread count sheets rubbing up against your skin at night the slight coarseness of the fabric may take some getting use to.  A pillow of this size has to be encased in a fabric durable enough to support it so it’s not the softest pillowcase that you will find on the market.

You could decide to have your own pillowcase made to cover the total body pillow since a standard pillowcase will not work if more softness is a must.  The pillow is adaptable enough to accommodate almost any sleeping position whether it is on your back or side.  Most doctors recommend that pregnant women only sleep on their sides so that their hips, knees, legs, back and unborn child are properly supported.

You can use the entire body pillow in front of your body or behind in the back of yourself whichever you prefer.  It raises your head high enough to keep your body properly aligned so you don’t wake up in the morning with lower backaches and hip pain.  The pillowcase is removable and machine washable but it does take a bit of maneuvering to put back on the pillow.

Again you may experience some scratchiness against your skin especially if you have sensitive skin.  The pillow cases is not made of fleece but the sheer size of the total body pillow does what it was designed to do and that is provide support and help you sleep better at night.  It makes side sleeping an accomplishable task especially for women who are traditional belly or back sleepers.

If you’re ready to coast through your pregnancy with less back and hip pain then we highly recommend taking a look at a total body pillow.  This pillow will serve you long after your baby is born.

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