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The Prop Up Pillow

prop up pillowThe Prop Up Pillow, as the name suggests, helps one sit up or prop oneself up comfortably on the bed or on a couch. While some people may use such a pillow on the recommendation of a doctor, perhaps a gastroenterologist or a chiropractor, others may enjoy the comfortable support the pillow offers their back.

If you wonder why Prop Up Pillow makes life easier, then you only need to consider the many ailments that it can help with. It is surprising how many conditions can be easily alleviated simply by choosing to use the Prop Up Pillow.

Why a  Prop Up Pillow makes life easier from acid reflux

Pregnant women often suffer from acid reflux as the hormone level in the body spikes. This leaves them restless and unable to sleep. The Prop Up Pillow allows a woman to lie comfortably without worrying about stomach acid coming into the mouth. This ensures that she gets a good rest and doesn’t wake up exhausted.

The pillow is also great for people who suffer from acid reflux. The throat and mouth seem to burn when a person lies down on the bed, leaving one feeling restless and uneasy. The Prop Up Pillow is designed and created to keep the upper body and esophagus elevated or slightly higher that the lower half of the body. Thus, when you use a Prop Up Pillow the body is gently raised from the waist up. This reduces the need for antacids and assures one a good night’s rest.

Why Prop Up Pillow makes life easier for people suffering from respiratory ailments

The Prop Up Pillow is useful for people who have a congested nose and chest, or suffer from sinusitis. Since the upper body is elevated, the person can breathe easily and sleep well. There are several different styles of the Prop Up Pillow and this includes the foam wedge kind and the cushion pillow.

The Prop Up Pillow is also useful for patients who have undergone surgery and often recommended for post operative care. The pillow makes it easier to lie down and get up from a lying position without putting strain on the stomach and back.

It is a good idea to consider the pillows offered by various brands. You may also wish to buy covers for the pillow that will help you keep it clean. An online survey will give a clear picture of what is offered in the market and you may also benefit from some great discounts.  Some manufacturers offer a Prop Up Pillow that are designed by a chiropractors or a gastroenterologists, making the pillow safe to use.