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Ever heard of the Tony Little Pillow?  Perhaps not unless you are a bit of a fitness enthusiast but Tony Little has been a health and fitness expert and body builder since the 1980’s.  Tony had a serious car accident that literally crushed his spinal bone along with a leg injury and two herniated discs.  He did finally recover but he experienced enormous back and neck pain, which prevented him from getting a good night sleep.

Essentially Tony got tired of tossing and turning every night and waking up with a stiff neck so he teamed up with Homedics one the leading personal care companies to create the world’s greatest sleep pillow – the micopedic pillow.  The pillow is infused with over 60 micopedic beads that help provide you with more support and comfort.  It helps to cradle your neck and spine and it self-fluffs for a soft support.  It features breakthrough microbead sleep technology that places it far above ordinary pillows.

The Tony Little pillow could save you endless nights of flipping and flopping trying to find the right sleeping position.  The air literally flows through the spandex-encased pillow keeping your head cool throughout the night.  This pillow is quite different from foam pillows, down feather pillows and polyester pillows in the way it supports your head and neck.  The pillow retails for $70 but they have been advertised on the Home Shopping Network for just under $50.  The quad chamber design conforms to you body’s sleeping position whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper and it never needs fluffing.  It’s also is available as a travel pillow that is ideal for extended airplane flights or car rides.

The Tony Little pillow was created because the memory foam pillow was too hot, dense and hard.   Also, memory foam pillows cost on average about $125 and once you lie on them you are generally stuck in that position the entire night.  Down pillows didn’t get the job done either because they didn’t properly support the neck although they were extremely soft.  The Little pillow is not only hypoallergenic but machine washable as well.

With millions of air-infused cushions the pillow cradles any body part.  No matter where you go on the microbead pillow it will cradle your neck and head.  Since the pillow is so good at cradling body parts it can be used on other areas of the body.  You can use it to cradle a sensitive elbow, your pelvic bone , your knees and your spine.  The pillow never shifts on you only the microbeads do.

If have a good night sleep is valuable to you then you will get great value from the Tony Little pillow.  It has received rave reviews, especially from people who have experienced severe neck and back pain.