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Toddler Pillow – Perfect For Your Angel

toddler pillow

There will come a time when your baby will become a toddler.  This time will usually occur between the years of one and two.  Everything that transpires during this time is meaningful to the child including a toddler pillow.

Although the toddler stage is a very important stage in the child’s life, it’s recommended that the no child use any type of pillow to sleep under its head before reaching the age of two.

It’s a good idea to allow your baby to sleep as flat as long as possible.  Besides if your child how yet to sleep with a pillow how will it know the difference?

In fact, it’s good practice that your toddler never be left alone in baby crib with anything that may smother or choke them such as pillows, quilts or stuffed animals.  Also, be sure to use sheets that fit tight on your baby’s bed to further protect them.

Each child matures at different rates but generally speaking until your child becomes a toddler avoid placing pillows under their head.  When you do start to use pillows for toddlers be sure to select pillows that made especially for kids that will properly cushion their growing and delicate head.