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If you suffer from acid reflux then you know that it can make your life miserable. But with the wedge pillow for acid reflux you can now reduce your pain or eliminate it all together.  You can accomplish this without drugs, painful surgery or a special diet.

With the wedge pillow you can stop the endless burning in your chest and throat, swallow normally, eat all the foods you love, trash all your antacids, and sleep peacefully all through the night.  It’s amazing and you can do all this with that pills, potions or shakes.

Once you lay your head on the wedge pillow it will be difficult to imagine yourself sleeping without it.  Your nighttime reflux and the quality of your sleep will improve.  You will fall to sleep much faster and sleep much more peacefully.  You can eliminate constipation that is often caused by medication.

If you’re already on antacid medicine or a strict diet you may discover that you won’t need either of them anymore.  If you’re suffering from chronic heartburn you owe it to yourself to try the wedge pillow for acid reflux as it will completely alter your sleep experience at night.

When you’re suffering from acid reflux its best to sleep in an elevated position.  You could lift the head of your bed with bricks but this wouldn’t be very practical.  The wedge pillow is ideal for achieving this position.  It’s wide enough so you don’t have to be concerned about sleeping down the pillow at night.

The wedge pillow is not only for acid reflux sufferers either.  It’s design will help you if you suffer from sleep apnea or snoring.  So stop burning your esophagus at night, stop waking your spouse up with your loud snoring and eliminate bloating and nausea after meals.

Are you tired of sleeping sitting up and ready to try something that actually works?  Are you tired of the stomachaches, the constipation, and the gas that wakes you up in the middle of the night?  Are you tired of wolfing down all the pills that offer you little relief?  If relief is what you’re looking for the wedge pillow is easy and convenient to use and there is no need to put your bed on blocks.

The pillow is great for traveling because of its fold up capability and it also has a washable cover incase you it becomes soiled.  At $80 dollars the pillow is not cheap but what price do you on your health.  Besides the price of the pillow is a lot less expensive than buying meds or making frequent visits to your doctor.