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Total Pillow Review

total pillow reviewThere is nothing better than a good night’s rest and there is no better way to achieve that than through laying your head on the perfect pillow. However, with schedules these days it seems that getting that good nine or ten hours of sleep at night is impossible.

These many people, who struggle finding the time to sleep, understand full well the value of a good rest, and also understand just how important the right pillow can be.

Pillows, in fact, have been proven to play a big role in how deep and how comfortably you sleep. They also have shown to factor into men and women who suffer from chronic back pain as the wrong pillow can cause such pain and aches. Therefore, it is essential that you sleep with the right pillow. However, with a wide assortment of options out there it may seem overwhelming at first to find the perfect pillow for you. If you find yourself overwhelmed, here is a Total Pillow review.

The Total Pillow is different than any other pillow before it. It possesses a unique and ground breaking design that gives it the ability to adapt and conform to you, ensuring a comfortable and deep sleep. The unique ability of the pillow to change its shape also comes in handy when traveling on an overnight flight, late car ride, or any other trip in which you may wish to relax as it can be formed to take up as little space as possible. It is also proven to ease back and neck pains in those who suffer from them as the pillow conforms to your body instead of your body having to conform to the pillow.

However, the pillow is rather small and expensive. It possesses a unique ring shape that gives it its great ability to bend and conform to the shape of your head, but the shape has a crucial defect as well. It gives the pillow a small surface area and therefore must be folded and bent before used. The price is also rather expensive for a pillow. While it is certainly a great quality pillow, the price of $20 a pillow can prove too much for some.

In all, this Total Pillow review will hopefully help you in your search to find that perfect pillow. There are many reviews out there, just like this Total Pillow review, and making sure to research before purchasing can ensure your hard earned money goes to a good cause. So do your research and make your decision, and whether it be the Total Pillow or not, rejoice in the comfortable and deep sleep the perfect pillow provides.

Total Pillow

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