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Breastfeeding can be a challenge if you’ve never done it before.  The Milk Bar Breastfeeding pillow can help to make a process that’s already natural easier to do.  Nature was very generous by giving mothers a unique way to bond with their newborn through the joy of breastfeeding.

Your body needs the right support whether you choose to breast or bottle feed.  The Milk Bar Breastfeeding pillow is a necessity for the new mother not a luxury.  Breastfeeding is an art form and you will only get better with practice.  In order to be successful you will need a combination of motivation, knowledge of essential breastfeeding skills, the right pillow and continued practice.

The Milk Bar Breastfeeding pillow helps to support your neck, back, shoulders thereby reducing unnecessary strain in those areas.  It’s ideal for newborns and can be conveniently used for travel or as a baby snuggle pillow.

One of the most important tasks in breastfeeding is the latch.  You’ve got to position your baby just right so they are able to scoop your breast into their mouth properly.  The Milk Bar Breastfeeding pillow helps to elevate your baby’s head to a position that is adequate and comfortable.  When your baby is positioned right it aids in the their digestion and allows the baby to be nursed from either of your sides.  It provides the right support for the baby’s weight and helps reduce back and neck strain for you the mother as well.Milk Bar Breastfeeding pillow

The Milk Bar Breastfeeding pillow is completely washable with an all cotton removable cover.  It easily adapts to a variety of waist sizes and is non-allergenic and odorless.  It comes with a convenient carry strap and ideal for mothers who find feeding awkward because of a delicate tummy area.  It helps to maximize support for both mother and baby.

The pillow retails for approximately $70 and is available for both single babies as well as mothers with twins.  Once your baby starts to sit up the Milk Bar Nursing Pillow can be used as a support pillow.

So if you’re like many mothers who find deeding your baby not as easy as you thought it would be The Milk Bar Breastfeeding pillow can make feeding your baby and enjoyable and rewarding experience.  Keep in mind that the Milk Bar pillow should only be used while you are in a sitting position while holding your baby secure at all times.

Milk Bar Breastfeeding pillow