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Have you thought about what may be lurking in your bed?  Are your eyes shut to the eco pillow options that abound?  Are you content on resting your head on those old worn out polyester pillows stuffed with feathers?  There are many ways that you can cuddle with a much friendlier bedfellow.

Cotton pillows are very water, pesticide and herbicide intensive. Cotton also tends to be a less desirable stuffing since it mats down.  It also uses more than 25% of the world’s pesticides and many other detrimental environmental consequences.  Polyester pillows are made with nonrenewable resources that consume even more energy than cotton. Furthermore, polyester pillows contain ethylene glycol, which is absorbed by your body through inhalation and via the skin.  This is harmful to both your kidneys and central nervous system.

The eco pillow is a great alternative that helps the environment, your body and improves your sleep.  When choosing such a pillow you should be concerned with what touches your skin and then go inside the pillow.