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Does sleeping near a window at night with a fan blowing in your face sound familiar just to try to keep cool?  Are you all sweaty and hot both literally and figuratively as you try to drift off to sleep?  The cool pillow is the miracle pillow for hot sleepers.

The Iso-Cool pillow keeps your head cool at night and its contour shapes gives you head and neck the support it needs so that you easily fall asleep.  The temperature of the cool pillow adjusts to your body’s temperature so you never have to worry about getting too hot in the middle of the night.

Memory foam pillows tend to get very hot but this is not the case with the cool pillow.  The Iso-cool Outlast fabric maintains a constant cooling effect even if your home tends to get very hot at night.  The pillow is large enough to fill a standard size pillowcase and denser than most pillows weighing in at almost 6 pounds.

Most standard pillows tend to be flat so the cool pillow may take a little getting used to at first.  The pillow is quite firm with just the right softness.  It’s also great for those who may be battling a fever or who a woman who suffers from hot flashes.