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TempurPedic Pillow Review

tempurpedic pillow reviewGetting to sleep at night can be extremely difficult if you or your significant other has a snoring problem. The common belief is that sleeping in a different position can alleviate the noise, but this is not always true.

In fact, people who suffer from chronic sleep problems can find it hard to get restful night sleep in any position.

On top of that, snoring could be a possible sign of a more serious condition known as sleep apnea, where a person stops breathing and then snores or snorts his/herself awake. If you have tried sleeping in many different positions with no results, then perhaps you should consider replacing your pillow as a means to help reduce or eliminate snoring.

A common problem with many pillows is after repeated use, the pillow stuffing begins to flatten and provides no support for your neck. This lack of support causes your head to rest flat on the bed, constricting your airway and causing snoring. Feather pillows are extremely bad for the neck and upper back, not to mention they are a harbor for dust mites and other allergens that could prevent a good night’s sleep.

To prevent the flattening experienced in nearly all types of pillows, the Tempur-Pedic neck pillow is a great sleep aid that will support your head and neck properly. In this Tempurpedic pillow review, we will have a look at how the neck pillow can help keep your spine aligned for a good night’s sleep.

The very design of the Tempurpedic pillow’s curve is designed to provide your neck and back with the support you need to keep your spine aligned. This alignment in turn helps to keep your throat from becoming obstructed, which is the leading cause of snoring problem.

Of course, you need to find a pillow with the right size curve for your neck so you can experience these benefits. TempurPedic offers several different sizes of their neck pillow, from small to king sized. Pillows for children are also available, but for the purposes of this Tempurpedic pillow review, I recommend visiting the website to check out the sizing chart in relation to your body size so you can find the perfect pillow.

While TempurPedic pillows have provided snore and pain relief for many thousands of people, some people have experienced problems with the pillows. The most common complaint in a Tempurpedic pillow review is that the memory foam material the pillow is created from retains body heat.

This retention of heat is caused by your body not constantly shifting so while it is a good thing, it is simply too hot for many people. The memory foam material is also pretty firm when compared to alternatives like down, which is something that turns people off. The pillow can also have a very unpleasant smell when it is brand new, so it is recommended you let your pillow air out if you do purchase one.

TempurPedic provides a 3 year limited warranty for their entire line of pillows, including the NeckPillow, ComfortPillow, ClassicPillow, and RhapsodyPillow, however they do not allow for returns.  This TempurPedic Pillow Review should help you make a more informed decision when selecting a new bed pillow.