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One study done in Japan showed that when you lie face down on your stomach that you can actually lower your blood pressure.  This may seem like an odd sleeping position to those of you who curl up in a fetal position every night.  Although it’s estimated that more than half of the population sleeps on their side, there are still plenty of tummy sleepers out there.

For every sleeping style there is a pillow to accommodate the special needs of the sleeper and this certainly is the case with stomach sleepers.  If you want to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and energized the stomach sleeper pillow may be just what you need.

Most people go about purchasing their pillow in a very haphazard manner without giving much consideration to how they naturally sleep.  If you’re like most people shopping for a pillow you simply go to your department store, give your target pillow the squeeze test and throw it in your shopping cart as long as it within our budget.

The pillow plays such an important role in your overall health and well-being that choosing one shouldn’t be taken so lightly.  What you put under your head every night should not only be comfortable but also should provide the right type of support.  

A good pillow should properly support you head, neck and keep your spine properly aligned while you sleep.  When you sleep on your stomach you put yourself at a higher risk of experiencing jaw, neck and back pain as well as having more difficulty breathing.

For this reason it is recommended that you buy a stomach sleeper pillow that is soft to provide the comfort that your body craves.  The primary concern of stomach sleepers is proper positioning of the spine so you don’t want too much softness.  If the pillow is too soft it results in an arched back that will lead to poor posture and eventually cause severe back pain.

A sleeping device made of contoured memory foam is the ideal padding for a stomach sleeper pillow.  Getting the best night sleep is all about having the right tools.  A soft pillow with enough firmness under your head nestles your upper body in a position that best support your stomach sleeping position.

The memory foam helps to alleviate muscle strains, neck pain and back pain by conforming to the shape of your lower back and spine.  When your stomach sleeper pillow fully supports your frame you have better circulation which helps to prevent morning stiffness.