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Oxygen Pillow

oxygen pillowIf your bed partner is constantly complaining about your loud snoring there is actually something you can do about it.  It will perhaps your wife or significant other to finally sleep peacefully throughout the night without the sound of loud and obnoxious noises.

You’ve no doubt heard of anti-snoring pillows but have you heard of an oxygen pillow before?  Well, an oxygen pillow not only gives the right amount of support to your spine (this is crucial for a good nights sleep) but it also helps open up your air passageways by increasing your lung capacity for better breathing.

The oxygen pillow is available in more than a dozen different sizes so you’ll want to make sure that you get the size that is most appropriate for you.  A pillow should be able to accommodate your natural sleeping pattern whether you side sleep, sleep on your back or enjoy sleeping on your stomach.  The oxygen pillow is be able to keep your head, neck and shoulders properly aligned as you sleep which keeps you from up in pain the next morning.

The oxygen pillow was specifically designed to help keep your body aligned while you sleep and it helps you avoid sleeping with your head tilted to far upward.  While sleeping on the pillow it helps to open up your airways so that your breathing is better which helps eliminate the snoring.  The pillow is available online and is available in soft and medium firmness.  The pillow quite pricey retailing for over $200 when it’s not on sale so make sure certain about your purchase before you buy.