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Amazon ImageI’ve been hearing alot about these Sobella Pillows lately so I decided to dig a bit deeper and try to find out what all the fuss was about. The pillow is touted as being the best pillow on the market. Well, those are some large shoes to fill and it appears that the Sobella Gel Fiber Pillow does just that. The pillow has a 300 thread count and anytime a pillow exceeds a 230 thread count in my opinion is a pillow that I like and requires further inspection.

Exactly What Is Gel Fiber?

You would think that the pillow would be filled with some type of gel-like substance because that’s exactly what I thought. Instead they are filled with polyester gel fibers. Filling pillows with synthetic substances like polyester is nothing new but these types of pillows are different from you standard polyester filled pillows. They’ll may remind you of down pillows but just slightly heavier.

What’s Different About Sobella Pillows?

The Sobella pillow is cushiony yet very supportive. You can easily bend and mold them in a shape that most suits you. You can scrunch it up and it bounces right back to its original shape when you’re done. The pillow also remains cool during sleep so if you’re suffering from hot flashes like Dustin Hoffman in the 1982 Blockbuster hit Tootsie this may be the pillow for you. The Sobella is quite easy to maintain because you rarely (if ever) have to fluff it out because they hold their loft well. They’re machine washable, hypoallergenic and easy to move around as it only weighs about 4 pounds. For less than $30 you are getting a good quality pillow that can last you for years.

Sobella Drawbacks

As you know there is no size that fits all as I’ve mentioned before so if you’re a side-sleeper this pillow may not have enough loft to adequately accommodate your sleeping style. The pillow is quite soft , so once you place your head on it you just sink right in which may not suit people who desire firmer pillows. Sometimes their may be a slight odor because of the material used that should quickly dissipate after a few uses.


In conclusion, if you’re the type of person who is very fussy about your bed pillows then you just might want to give the Sobella pillows a try. Many of the more expensive pillow rarely live up to their promises and after just a few uses you still wake up with a sore neck. These pillows tend to keep their shape much better through the night than some other more expensive pillows that you may have tried in the past such as down pillows. Gel fiber pillows are becoming increasingly popular and I think its because people are really getting a good night’s sleep.

Amazon Image