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Sobakawa Pillows

sobakawa pillowsSobakawa pillows is a unique Orient pillow that made its way its appearance on the Western market recently.

Some people think that the noise of the crunchy buckwheat hulls would keep you awake at night but that’s not accurate at all. Actually it adjusts to the head quite comfortably.

One of the things that makes Sobakawa pillows so unique is the 13 million plus micro-air beads that it contains. Pillows with micro-air beads are designed for comfort and durability.

They also allow the pillow shape to you head and to your neck without breaking down the pillow or having it lose its shape. Sobakawa pillows are a great relief for those who are use to tossing and turning at night because of uncomfortable pillows.

The unique features and design of the Sobakawa pillows add even more incentives for you to buy and use this product. The hulls helps to keep the head cool and adequately supported at night. The basket weaving feature and outside pillowcase help to protect the husks from unwanted dirt and oils. Getting a full eight hours sleep is so important why wouldn’t you want to include the Sobakawa pillow as part of your bedding repertoire?

Sobakawa pillows has been used extensively throughout the Orient for more than a hundred years. Even today it remains the pillow of choice by the Japanese. If you’re looking for a pillow that offers therapeutic benefits not possible in your regular foam and feather pillows then look no further.

Sobakawa also available in travel sizes which are great for youth camps, sleep-overs and trips. The environmentally friendly filling is just one more reason to buy Sobakawa pillows. If you ever buy one and leave home without it you may be forced to fold up several towels to try and recreate the same firmness. Unless you are a hard sleeper who rarely needs any type of pillow under your head there is no reason not to try this great product. Throw away those thin, flat and lifeless pillow with no filling or shape and buy you a couple of Sobakawa pillows today.