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A lot of people act surprised when I tell them that I’ve owned my Sobakawa pillow king size version for more than eight years now.  I guess most people don’t normally have such longevity with their pillows.  Before I purchased my Sobakawa pillow I use to toss and turn every night trying to find the right position so I could get a good night sleep.

Before I really did any in depth research about pillows I just use to sleep on one of those standard poly filled pillows and I felt like I wasn’t sleeping on any pillow at all.  That were flat as a pancake and provide absolutely no head and neck support.  Then as I continued to search for the perfect pillow I tried both the memory foam pillow and the very expensive Tempur Pedic pillow. Although they provided better comfort than most pillows it didn’t compare to Sobakawa buckwheat hull pillow.

I like the buckwheat pillow because it easily conforms to the contours of my neck, head and shoulders.  It easily adjusts to my many different sleeping positions unlike most other pillows.  I can also adjust the firmness by adding or removing the buckwheat hulls in the zippered casing.  The Sobakawa buckwheat pillow also controls moisture and heat, this allows my head to remain cool which is ideal during the hot months in Texas where I live.