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With all the ‘fluff’ surrounding it, it is no wonder that there is a myriad of Sobakawa Cloud Pillow Reviews out there, and a wide and diverse range of opinions about it.

At present, over 20% of Americans are suffering from chronic sleep loss, and with poor sleep contributing to everything from weight gain and high blood pressure to depression and attention deficit disorder, the search for that elusive good night’s rest continues to be an issue of paramount importance for most of us. As such, it is no surprise that every new product that comes along to aid us in this quest is a topic of heated debate and the cloud pillow is no exception.

Based off of the traditional Asian Sobakawa pillow, (which is comprised of the roasted hulls of buckwheat) the Sobakawa cloud pillow follows a similar design, but instead is filled with over 10 million micro air beads, offering the user a lightweight pillow that doesn’t require any folding or fluffing and can conform to the contours of one’s head and neck.