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A search of the internet will find many Sobakawa Cloud Pillow reviews both positive and negative. This pillow is advertised on TV and is included on the As Seen On TV site. The claims are that this pillow will last longer than other pillows, that it gives firm support for the head and neck, and that it stays cool throughout the night.

It is constructed in a way to contour to the individual’s head. There is no need for fluffing it up during the night. It is compared to sleeping on a sea of clouds. A bowling ball dropped on this pillow with an egg under it, does not break the egg. This pillow is reported to have been invented over three-hundred years ago in ancient Japan.

The Sobakawa Pillow is filled with ten million micro air beads that are designed to never lose their shape. The commercial states that this pillow will adapt to the shape of an individual’s head, neck, and shoulders, thereby providing a more comfortable position for sleeping. Its durability is claimed to be ten to fifteen years without losing its shape or its healthful benefits.

User testimony included in Sobakawa Pillow reviews varies greatly. There are those who swear that their best night’s sleep ever was a result of buying this pillow. The positives for these people are that this pillow provides great support all night. It is therapeutic for the head and neck because it takes on the individual’s shape.

The pillow is hypoallergenic which is important for many people for a good night’s sleep. The elimination of dust mites creates a clean environment while sleeping. Some patients with arthritis have reported these pillows are especially comfortable for them. It has also been noted that because it contours to the head, it is good for those who are side sleepers.