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Sobakawa buckwheat hull pillows have become a sensational phenomena across the country. I’m sure you know what a pillow is but you may be asking yourself what the hell are buckwheat hulls? Buckwheat is a grain grown mostly in the northeastern parts of the United States as well as Canada.

The hulls are the outside part of the seeds produced by the buckwheat. After harvesting the buckwheat the seeds are then separated from the hulls. There are many buckwheat hull pillows on the market today but many of them are of inferior quality. A good quality buckwheat hull pillow should easily provide the user with 8-10 years of comfort.

If the pillows are filled with low quality hulls the pillow will quickly deteriorate causing the pillow to lose its loft and firmness. Also, cheaper buckwheat pillows will likely use inexpensive lightweight polyester that is known for not holding a good shape.