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Do you have a child who is a bit of a bed hog and they seem to be all over the bed at night and you’re worried about them falling off?  You also desire safety for your child but have decided not to go the co-sleeping route.  Is there a solution that solves both dilemmas? The Snug Tuck pillow may be the answer.

The Snug Tuck pillow prevents the need for stacking tons of pillows along the edge of the bed in an effort to give your child from falling overboard.  These pillows contain no hard surfaces so you want have to worry about your child banging his or her head against a rail and injuring themselves.  The pillows are easy to install, just think of your child being comfortably secured between a couple of  soft but firm pillows.

The pillow is a long tubular shape and can be used for protect both the sides and foot of the bed.  There are many different fabrics to choose from or if you desire to have your own custom order, mail in your fabric and you can have it made you’re way just like you’re at Burger King.  Plan to fork over about $65 including shipping and handling which is minuscule when it comes to your child’s safety.  The pillow does come with a money back guarantee so if you’re not completely satisfied you can return it.

The pillow is like having a bolster pillow and a bed rail all rolled into one but especially made for children.  You get a dense foam pillow that’s also comes with a machine washable slipcover.  The pillow is made in such a way that it actually allows the pillow to move with the child, which keeps them from feeling trapped while they sleep.

The Snug Tuck pillow is a lot easier to use and much safer than traditional bed rails.  The pillow still makes it possible for your child to have a normal sleeping environment without falling out the bed.  It’s still possible for them to hang a leg or foot off the side of their bed while remaining safe and not falling off their bed.  Having the Snug Tuck pillow prevents having to push your child’s bed against a wall.

If you’ve been unable to sleep at night fearful about your child falling out of bed, you will enjoy the innovative solution from the makers of the Snug Tuck Pillow.  Now your child won’t be smashing into hard railings anymore, instead their body will be met by a super soft cushiony pillow made with Egyptian cotton.  The pillow is as easy to put in place as it is to remove.

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