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Sleeping Pills

sleeping pillsSleeping well at night can be a challenge for many people.  Most have tried everything from adjusting their bedroom temperature to ingesting sleeping pills.

While keeping your room at a temperature no higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit goes a long way to dramatically improve your sleeping environment, sleeping pills aren’t the right answer.

Despite the fact that sleeping pills are so highly touted there are still so many people who use them but still wake up all through the night.  If you ask most people who use them often times you will hear them say that there is only minimal improvement their quality of sleep.

In fact, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) came out with a study that indicates that more often than not, sleep is worse after the subject has taken sleeping pills.  Why even bother with sleeping pills if they only increase your total sleep time 15 – 20 minutes?  Given the fact that you normally sleep eight hours during the night, the additional time achieved with the use of sleeping pills in not significant at all.

So even though most people take sleeping pills with the hope of getting a good night sleep they end up getting the opposite of what they hoped for.  In fact, not only will you get less sleep, what sleep you do manage to get will be fragmented at best.  Sleeping pills lull you into believing that you will wake up feeling more energetic throughout the day but when you really measure your sleep, it’s really very inadequate.

Not only can taking sleeping pills increase the incidence of infectious diseases as cancer and heart disease it significantly increases your chances of mortality.  Frankly stated, those who take sleeping pills typically die sooner than those who don’t.

Taking sleeping pills does not come without some very hazardous side effects.  When you take these pills often you body will basically feel sedated all of the time.  Your cognitive skills are diminished throughout the day, which often results in unwanted accidents.  Sleeping pills also are known to suppress deep sleep and your ability to dream at night.

Each year millions of dollars are spent on prescription sleeping pills and over the counter sleeping aids.  These drugs are causing a lot more harm than good, especially in the long run.  If you’re having trouble sleeping at night then its far better to seek out more natural and less harmful to get a good night sleep.  Keep in mind the long term harmful effects of sleeping pills on your body and just maybe you may seek alternatives.