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If you spend on average 196 hours a month sleeping almost as much time as you do working then choosing the right headrest is not only a good idea but a must.  The National Sleep Foundation indicates that 64 percent of people who have trouble sleeping at night complain about back pain and your sleeping pillow could be where the problem lies.  A pillow that supports both your back and neck properly can mean the difference in the time you spending dreaming versus aching with back pain.

There are all types of sleeping pillows that you can choose from.  If you like bulkier pillows you may want to go with one that has buckwheat hulls that actually cradle to the contours of you head, neck and spine.  With this type of  sleeping pillow you can adjust to your preferred firmness by adding or removing the Buckwheat hulls inside the pillow.  If you’re easily distracted by noise at night you may have trouble adjusting to the crunchy sound of the buckwheat hulls as you try and drift off to sleep.

When you’re able to get into a deep sleep it is a lot more restoring and calming.  Some benefits of a deep sleep is that your lungs push out more carbon gas, you detoxify your organs, your skeleton muscles will deacidfy and your kidneys filters blood more efficiently.

For people who desire a deeper sleep we like Dreamzzz Magnetic Sleeping Pillow.  This is no ordinary sleeping pillow and it is designed specifically to release head and neck tension.  The pillow makes use of Gauss magnets and without getting too technical these magnets help maintain an elevated flow of energy around your head at night.  This provides a much more therapeutic experience that allows you to achieve rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.