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Must Know Sleeping Apnea Information

Sleeping apneaMany people are perplexed about exactly sleeping apnea is?  Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder where a person has pauses of breathing during the nighttime while they are trying to sleep.  Typically the problem occurs many times during the night. Sleep apnea has many warning signs that may alert an individual they may suffer from the sleeping disorder.

A Basic Understanding of Sleeping Apnea

When you have a basic understanding about sleeping apnea you will not only able to recognize it but also be able to seek treatment.  One of the most obvious sounds of sleeping apnea is characterized by loud snoring.  This is the result of the person having some type of breathing problem usually caused by the blockage of air passages.  The cessation of breathing or even choking episodes during the middle of the night is also a notable warning sign of sleeping apnea.

In more severe cases of the disease, a person may choke during their sleep many times during the night.  This causes sleep to become interrupted causing the person to feel fatigued the next morning.  Many sufferers of sleeping apnea typically feel tired during the day and may also find it difficult to concentrate.