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No traveler is immune to the thought of sitting on an airplane seat wishing someone would engineer a pillow that would make sleeping on an airplane comfortable.  The Skyrest pillow may be just the pillow that solves the sleeping on an airplane problem.

The Skyrest pillow has a one-way valve that makes it quite easy to both inflate and deflate.  The one way valve also prevents you from losing air between each puff.  Once deflated it only takes up minimum space even in the smallest overnight bag.  It accommodates heights ranging from 4’10” to 6’6” and its patented design allows for the natural tendency of your head to lean forward.  Rather than waking up when your head tilts forward like you normally would, the Skyrest travel pillow helps you to continue sleeping uninterrupted.

If you have difficulty sleeping on a plane because you simply can’t sleep with your neck vertical then the Skyrest pillow is just for you.  It allows you to sleep with your head sideways where you can enjoy a comfortable sleep on any flight without your head bobbing back and forth.

Being only 20 ounces in weight makes the Skyrest pillow very portable and easy to use. Although many people love and use their Skyrest travel pillow successfully there are some drawbacks that are worth mentioning.

The pillow’s inflated dimensions are 14” wide, 11” high and 12” deep and on an economy class flight there may not be enough room between seats.  The pillow is designed to be strapped on your tray table which is connected to the person’s chair in front of you.  If the person in front of you decides to recline their seat you may feel pinned in almost to the point of suffocation.

Of course one great solution to the space problem is to simply alert the person in front of you that they’re invading your space and perhaps they will kindly give you a little more breathing room.  Other than the space issue the Skyrest pillow is highly recommended if you plan to be airborne for 2-3 hours.

Most travel pillows are only designed to only work if you have the ability to recline in your airplane seat.  The Skyrest travel pillow is extremely versatile and can be adapted to many different situations and positions that can help make traveling a joy.

You also have the ability to inflate the pillow with just enough air to fit your comfort level.  If your torso is shorter in length you might try deflating the pillow just a bit for added comfort.  The pillow is not as plush as other travel pillows so it might behoove you to place a small blanket or satin pillowcase over it for a softer surface.

For just under $30 the Skyrest pillow ranks very high among the choosiest of travelers.  If you’re a tummy sleeper you’ll probably love the pillow.  If you’re a side sleeper the pillow may take some getting use to but on a 15 hour flight you may discover it will quickly become your best friend.