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Simmons pillows are world renown for being some of the best pillows in the world.  The pillows allow the user to create a comfortable sleeping environment and generate better sleeping habits.  The reason why these pillows are so good is because of the high quality materials that are used when creating these products.

Each pillow that is created by Simmons is made with different types of fibers that allow the user to have different sleeping experiences.  Polyester fibers will generate a fluffy and light pillow and will create a soothing sleeping and comforting sleep.  Crimped fibers create a flatter and a more durable surface area which is good for people who need more support for their necks and backs.

Each Simmons pillow is created with the highest standards and are machine woven with sateen cotton.  Just like bed sheets, a higher thread count generates a higher quality pillow.  Each pillow that is created by Simmons has a thread count of 200-350.  The high thread count of each pillow creates a silky smooth surface to sleep on.