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Do you currently use anti-aging creams on your face hoping to look younger?  Well, if you do then why not add an anti-wrinkle pillow to your repertoire?  The Save My Face Pillow has exploded on to the seen claiming to suspend the faces of its users all over the country.  After using the pillow expect to wake up looking and feeling younger.  Also, expect to rid your face of puffy eyes and a puffy face that may have been the cause of allergens lurking in your pillow.

You many not have heard of the Save My Face Pillow before but they’ve actually been around the skin and health profession for more than a decade.  If you are committed to excellence where your skin is concerned the pillow is definitely worth taking a look at.  The pillowette is crescent-shaped and the pillow is filled with hypo-down, which is hypoallergenic and helps to keep your face elevated during sleep.

The Save My Face Pillow is available in two sizes, the Le Grand (full size) and the La Petite (small) Pillowette.  The major difference is that the La Petite was mainly designed to be placed on top of your existing pillow or used as a travel pillow and the Le Grand usually replaces your existing favorite pillow.

The pillow is designed to keep your face from slumping into the pillow while you sleep causing unwanted puffiness and wrinkles in the morning.  With proper head elevation this allows better oxygen flow while preventing pressure on your facial tissue.  Many plastic surgeons recommend these pillows to their patients after surgery to help reduce swelling. Additional benefits of the pillow are that it helps to minimize neck, back and shoulder pain.

The Save My Face Pillow is small measuring 19” X 10” X 3” thick and weighing in at only 8 ounces.  It retails for approximately $60 but that may be a small price to pay for a pillow that helps to enhance your night creams by keeping them from being rubbed off during sleep while also preventing your skin from wrinkling up.

If you’re what is referred to as a hot sleeper, meaning you typically sweat profusely while you sleep, the unique form-fitted pillowcase of the anti-wrinkle pillow can help you.  It is made with a special Breezes material that keeps your head cool and dry because it helps to release heat more efficiently than cotton.

Never again do you have to suffer the pain of waking up with sleep wrinkles.  Try the Save My Face Pillow today and  rid yourself of muscle compression and puffy skin.