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Replacement Pillows

replacement pillowsWhen we think about getting a good nights sleep what usually comes to mind are a nice comfortable mattress, lighting in the bedroom, quietness and a comfortable room temperature.

Rarely, if ever are replacement pillows at the top of our list.  Since choosing a good pillow affects our health and our sleeping enjoyment in so many ways replacing your pillows should be given more than a cursory glance.  The right pillow can help improve neck and spine alignment and alleviate sleeping disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea.

How Often Should Replacement Pillows Be Renewed?

Depending on the quality of the pillow you expect that it would need replacement anywhere from 6 months up to two years.  Extremely cheap pillows may even need to be replaced sooner.  A cheap pillow is defined as any pillow where you spent $30 or less to acquire.

You can also use the fold method to see if the pillow in question needs replacing.  To perform the test, just fold your bed pillow in half.  A pillow that still has some life in it will spring back to its original shape.  A pillow that has seen its day will remain folded and it high time you go shopping online for your replacement pillows.