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There’s just no comfortable way to position a standard pillow when you are trying to consume a juicy novel or watching your favorite episode of Law and Order in the bed.  A reading pillow should be a good backrest pillow and made of sturdy dust mite resistant fabric.  Reading pillows range in cost from $15 – $40 on average.   However, the are cheaper reading pillows on the market are bulky and not as versatile in their use.

The bottom half of the reading pillow is designed to support the lower portion of your back while the upper half cushions your shoulders, head and the rest of your upper body.  Unless you’ve already shelled out thousands of dollars for an adjustable bed then you know the biggest challenge to sitting up in your bed comes down to having the pillows positioned just right.

The reading pillow makes reading and watching TV a cinch.  You get plush support for your back without having to stack a bunch of pillows on top of each other.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re reading a novel, playing a video game, or cramming for an exam your back will have the support that it needs.

Your back will begin to play tricks on you when you sit for long hours at time at your computer surfing the Internet or while reading a book   Your back, neck and spine become overwhelmed due to all of the stress and this can lead to sleepless nights due to the pain.  This is why a large number of people are now buying a reading pillow because they are unwilling to compromise their health and this pillow provides the proper support that their body needs.  The bed rest pillow is a low cost alternative to expensive adjustable beds and you still get to recline, elevate and support your back in a manner that is healthy.

When you think about it a reading pillow should not only be comfortable but it should also be functional.  For acid reflux sufferers the elevation of the pillow puts you in the perfect position to keep the acids in your stomach and thereby eliminating unwanted heartburn.  Gone are the days of your poor position that is often linked to back pain.

The hypoallergenic shell makes it the perfect bed companion for allergy sufferers.  It weighs less than 5 pounds so its quite easy maneuver about in your bed.  Having a pillow that you can use as a regular sleeping pillow or at various inclines will save you money in the long run by not having to buy pillows to fit different sleeping challenges.

For lasting comfort that will support your body for years to come we highly suggest you take a look at a investing in a reading pillow.  Whether your reading a book, snoozing or watching TV your body needs the right type of support from your pillow.

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