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Price of Pillows

price of pillowsWhen you are shopping for new pillows most often your major concern is the price of pillows?  This perhaps one of the most important things to consider when shopping for pillows.  Some pillows you will look at and think the price is too high or you can’t afford it.

These are normal feelings to experience when buying pillows.  You’ve no doubt have had an experience of buying something before where you paid too much and received little in return.  In other words, you’ve been burned and you don’t want the same thing to happen to you when you go pillow shopping.

Let me be frank about something, you don’t want the lowest priced pillows on the market because the lowest priced pillow is always associated with inferior quality, hassles, and lack of adequate support.  What you want is fairly priced pillow that provides sufficient support and comfort. Remember the price of pillows as with anything is only one determinant but not the only one.

If you want a good quality pillow that provides comfort and support you’re probably going to have to pay a higher price. Price is seldom the reason that you buy a particular type of pillow although you think it is.  A Harvard study concluded that only 6% of any buying experience is determined by price alone.

Don’t Let the Price of Pillows Fool You

A pillow is not a commodity although most pillow shoppers treat them as one.  One pillow is not the same as every other pillow.  There are pillows for sale that can cost as little as $10 and there are those that can run over several hundred dollars and with a cursory glance they both will look the same.  You can just look at the price of pillows to know if you are buying one worth laying your head on.  You pillow shopping journey will require further inspection.