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A woman’s body goes under tremendous changes during pregnancy.  Since more than 50% of mothers-to-be had no idea that they would become pregnant at the time of pregnancy they are often totally unprepared for such body changes.  Probably the last thing on a pregnant woman’s mind is choosing the perfect pillow for comfort until she just can’t sleep at night.  A pregnancy pillow was designed to aid expecting mothers to position them in such a way that allows them to sleep comfortably all through the night.

The right pregnancy body pillow can offer support, comfort and flexibility to any pregnant woman.  One great thing about the pregnancy pillow is that it will provide many days of comfort even after your baby has arrived.  Think of using it as a nursing pillow where you and your newborn child can bond in a comfy manner together.

Whether you use it as a nursing pillow or a makeshift recliner for your small child, it’s a good idea to also buy some removable slipcovers so they can easily be taken off and washed as needed.  This way you can relax when feeding your child knowing that you can easily remove baby stains from the cover with a quick wash.