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Do you remember those grade school years where your teacher admonished you to sit up straight in your chair, walk tall and not to slump?  Just about every teacher you came in contact with told you when they became aware that your posture was poor.  It turns out that the persistent pestering actually had some merit to it because now they even have a posture pillow to assist you with not being a slouch.

You don’t have to go anywhere special to learn poor posture habits as it comes quite naturally for most people.  On the other hand, good posture is rarely given much thought unless someone happens to bring it to your attention.  There are many benefits to having good posture and a posture pillow by Posture Pal is a excellent tool to have in assisting you sit up tall and straight.

There are a number of problems that can arise when your posture is bad such as an aching back, strained muscles and headaches.  Leaning over a computer constantly, high-heeled shoes and tight clothing can cause your center of gravity to shift moves your body out of proper alignment.

One of the best way to correct bad posture is with postural and stretching exercises.  This is where the Posture Pal pillow becomes valuable.  The pillow allows gravity to do much of the work and replicates many of the postural exercises.  When you lay on the cushion you allow gravity to naturally stretch your muscles in a safe manner.  The posture pillow relaxes your back muscles and stretches your chest which relieves tension and stress caused by poor posture

When you lay your body on the dense foam its very similar to engaging in an exercise program but what’s different in this case is that you do nothing at all but allow your body to relax.  Poor posture is not contagious but it seems to be prevalent in people who suffer from low self-esteem, have spinal degeneration problems and those that are obese.  Correcting your posture doesn’t happen overnight and it takes great will power but the rewards of feeling and looking great are well worth the effort.

The Posture Pal pillow not only helps to improve your posture but also can help relieve stress and back pain.  By spending less than 20 minutes each day laying on the pillow you can increase your blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, reduce slouching, improve your self-esteem, stimulate your spinal postural muscle and reduce your body’s forward head posture.

There is a direct correlation between your posture and optimal health.  Expect your pain and disability will diminish once your posture improves.  The posture pillow is a low cost method in helping you stand tall and be a lot healthier.