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Luxurious Marriott Down Pillows

marriott down pillowsOne thing that sets the Marriott hotel chain apart from others would be their high end bedding especially their Marriott Down Pillows that are used in all of their rooms. Their pillows are extremely luxurious, soft and comfortable.  The pillows can be purchased directly from the hotel, on their website or from Amazon.

In conjunction with their foam bed, the bedding will ensure that you get a great night’s sleep. The bed itself is manufactured by the Jamison and made exclusively for the hotel chain. They make a seven inch and nine inch deep foam mattress as well as an innerspring mattress. Paring the Marriott down pillows with the bed will guarantee that you can get the same sleep experience at home as you did in the hotel.

The hotel chain offers two different types of Marriott down pillows to purchase. Their traditional pillows are supportive and have a unique design unlike any other feather pillow. The problem with feather pillows is that they can lose their loft over time. The Marriott down pillows are designed by an American company that has been in the business of making bedding for the past 120 years. Their unique design is made with a very firm inner pillow of feathers that is surrounded by pure down. This gives you a supportive yet soft pillow.