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Snore-No-More – Pillows That Prevent Snoring

pillows that prevent snoring

If you have ever slept next to—or even down the hall from—someone who snores, then you know how maddening it can be. A wide range of anti-snoring remedies are available.

Commonly, these include throat sprays, nasal strips and mouth guards. Some people are even undergoing invasive surgery to correct the problem. Amazingly, however, there are also pillows that prevent snoring.

Snoring is caused by airway constriction, which is caused by awkward sleeping positions that kink airways and force air quickly through the airways. This causes vibration in the throat and nose, and that is the sound commonly referred to as snoring. An anti-snore pillow works by preventing the user from sleeping in a position that will constrict his or her airways, resulting in a good night’s sleep for your bed mate.

Available in a wide assortment of styles and fabrics, these snore-stopping bolsters may just be the solution the world has been looking for. They can be purchased relatively cheaply, with some models only slightly more expensive than an ordinary pillow. However, higher quality products are recommended for maximum effectiveness and can cost anywhere from one to three-hundred dollars. Among the highest rated pillows that prevent snoring are the Contour European and the Snore-No-More brands.