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Pillows Made From Neckties

pillows made from necktiesGiving away pillows made from neckties is a great way to offer a heartfelt and affordable gift this for any occasion. In just a few minutes you can create beautiful and comfortable pillows for men, women, and children.  Follows these easy steps to create your own pillows made from ties:

The first step is to collect and clean all of the ties you will be using.  For an average sized throw-pillow about ten ties will be needed. You May use fewer or more ties depending on the size and style of your pillow but ten is a good number to start with.  Be sure that all pieces of fabric are free of any permanent stains or tears before starting any of your pillows made from neckties.

For the most basic version you will not remove the stitches of the tie, instead measure about 26 inches from the wide end of each of the ties and cut.  You may discard the smaller tips or save them for another project.  Take your first tie and wrap it around the very center of your pillow width-wise.  Use a sewing pin to fasten the ends of the tie on the back of the pillow with the wide side of your tie overlapping the cut end.