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Pillows for Sleep Apnea

pillows for sleep apneaWhat is sleep apneaSleep apnea is that is characterized by frequent pauses in breathing while trying to sleep.  The individual suffering from this sleeping disorder temporarily stops breathing during sleep.

One low cost solution to treating sleep apnea is with pillows for sleep apnea.  There are many sleep apnea pillows on the market but before you decide to buy one there are some things that you should look for.

Look for a Sleep Apnea Pillow that allows you to sleep in the position that comes most natural for you are a side, stomach or back sleeper.  The pillow should provide adequate support for your arm, head, neck and shoulder.

The best pillows for sleep apnea are designed to help eliminate numbness, tingling and arm sleep that often occurs while you sleep.  The pillow should also be contoured in a shape that redistributes your weight away from our shoulders and arm, allowing your arm to rest freely, without any strain or weight that normally happens when you rest your head directly on one of your arms.

When you’re able to elevate your head by using pillows for sleep apnea your air passageways are opened because your get the full extension of your neck.  As your air passageways open you correct the things that cause sleep apnea and snoring. Look for a sleep apnea pillow that supports your entire frame and also helps to align your spine.  This will improve your blood circulation and eliminate morning stiffness and soreness because the pillow will redistribute your body weight.