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Pillow Wedge – Not Just For Gerd

pillow wedgeThe pillow wedge is not your ordinary sleeping pillow or the latest gimmick to come around in our society.  Wedge pillows have become considerably more than just a product for comfort ability.  In addition to that feature, it positions the body in a way that aids optimum blood circulation muscle position, while relieving pressure and weight form other parts of the body.

The uniquely shaped pillow wedge can be used for home convenience and comfort, for home recovery or for medical pain relief.  Consider some of the uses for these angled therapy cushions.

A Pillow Wedge for a Variety of Needs

The back pillow wedge gives the user an opportunity to gain the perfect elevation for comfort in addition to eliminating congestion and difficult breathing.  It slides further under the body for higher elevation and it can be adjusted accordingly if you need less angle.

The bed pillow wedge functions in much the same way by laying under the user to gain a comfortable position and elevate pain.  They are generally larger pillows than the others.