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Pillow Review

Since you’ll spend more than one-third of your life either on your back, your side or your stomach it’s a wise decision if you choose a pillow that’s right for you.  This pillow review website is dedicated to bringing you the best pillow reviews on the top pillow brands.

Pillow Review – What is a Pillow?

The broad definition of a pillow is a cushion that supports the head.  Although most bed pillows are for head support they can also be used to support other parts of the body such as the head, back, knees, legs and shoulders.

pillow reviewPillows can also be used for specific reasons.  For example there are sex pillows, love pillows, orthopedic pillows, eye pillows, acupressure pillows and eye pillows just to name a few.  This is the very reason why reading a pillow review can help you navigate to the pillow that is right and perfect for you.

Pillow Review – Why Do You Need a Good Pillow?

Of course you can get by without a pillow but having a good pillow under your head at night can mean the difference between tossing and turning all night and quickly drifting off to pleasant dreams.  You should place just as much importance on a quality pillow as you do a quality mattress.

We provide you with a pillow review on many different pillows because they are the thing that’s right in your face when you sleep at night.  It’s so critical that you have the right pillow under your head at night because according to the Sleep Foundation millions of Americans suffer from some time sleep disorder that is largely due to poor sleeping pillows.

As you probably already know that choosing the right pillow can be quite an adventure.  Is a natural fill pillow more desirable than a synthetic one?  Which pillow is best for you if you side-sleep or stomach-sleep?  Do you need a firm, medium or soft pillow?  Is it best to go with a top of the line brand pillow or is an expensive one OK?  These are just a few of the perplexing choices that pillow buyers face and exactly why a website like the pillow review is needed.

Pillow Review – Types of Pillow Fillings?

Natural Pillow Review Filling – Natural pillow filling can be a feather pillow, down or a little bit of both.  Contrary to popular belief down is not the same thing as feathers.  Down comes from the underside of the duck or geese and is much softer and fluffier.  Natural fills are ideal if you want your head to be cradled like a hammock.  Down pillows usually provide good support for your head and neck but you need to check the fill power to make sure you have a quality pillow.  In our pillow review of down pillows we go into great detail about how to go about choosing down pillows the right way.

Synthetic Pillow Review Filling – Consumers generally like these types of pillows because they are very affordable.  You can easily find these pillows in your local Walmart.  These types of pillows are filled with man-made fibers and usually have a shorter life span.  If you suffer from allergies these are not bad pillows to have because most are hypoallergenic.

Memory Foam Pillow Review Filling– These pillows are stuffed with memory foam, which is the same material that NASA used for their astronaut’s flight chairs to shield them from the G-force that was experienced during take-off.  It made its way into the consumer market in the early 1980s.  Memory foam pillows have polyurethane foam that allows air to pass through its tiny holes.  They contour to the shape of your head and are usually preferred by sleepers who enjoy a firmer pillow.

Water Based Pillow Review Filling – These types of pillows are filled with water and this allows them to instantly adapt to various body shapes and sizes.  If you toss and turn frequently throughout the night these pillows will adjust to help you constantly maintain the correct support for both your head and neck.  Many times water-based pillows are recommended by chiropractors because they provide excellent support and also help reduce chronic neck pain.  Water-based pillows won’t make you sea sick either.  We provide a great pillow review of the Mediflow and Chiroflow water-based pillows.

Pillow Review – Types of Sleepers

You are either a natural side-sleeper, back-sleeper and or stomach-sleeper.  Each sleeping type will require a different style of pillow to achieve maximum comfort.  A pillow’s purpose is to make sure your head is properly supported while you sleep.  Having the right pillow under your head at night should also properly align your head and spine.  If your pillow alleviates the pressure points by molding to your individual shape and natural sleeping position it has done its job.

Back sleeper – If you enjoy sleeping on your back you’ll most likely enjoy a medium support pillow.  Your pillow will be slightly lower than someone who sleeps on their sides.  A back sleeper needs a pillow that will support the natural curvature of their upper spine.  We many pillows that will be perfect for back sleepers here at the pillow review.

Stomach sleeper- Making sure your neck and head are not cramped at an unnatural angle is very important for stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers can either choose to sleep without a  pillow at all or choose a pillow that is nearly flat. Stomach sleepers should always choose a pillow that is soft rather than firm so that their head and neck aren’t turned unnaturally from side to side.

Side sleeper- The goal for you if you naturally side sleeper is to create support for the neck and head. If you sleep on your side its important to make sure your body’s weight is evenly distributed as you sleep. The majority of our population are side sleepers and they would benefit most from a pillow with a medium firmness.

Pillow Review – Summary

As you can see there are many facets to choosing the right pillow.  Unfortunately there is no pillow school that you can attend and graduate from.  However you do have the luxury of being able to get and unbiased pillow review on every type of pillow imaginable at the pillow review.