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Pillow Review – Which Pillow Type is Best for You?

pillow reviewLatex Pillow Review

Latex pillows are available in synthetic and natural latex.  People who appreciate ecologically-sound products may be drawn to the natural materials of a natural latex pillow.

The pillow review of this product also shows its firm characteristics are ideal for many consumers.  As natural latex is hypoallergenic, the pillow has this additional benefit.  It is resistant to dust mites, making it a healthy choice.  However, individuals who have serious allergies to latex should avoid it.

Down Alternative Pillow Review

Down alternative pillows provide extra softness for a comfortable sleeping experience.  Its anti-microbial features make it one of the healthiest pillows you can use.  The person who is allergic or sensitive to traditional down pillows will love this alternative.  They are easier to keep clean and sanitary than many other kinds of pillows.  As they are safe for both a washing machine and dryer, your pillow will always be fresh, with only minimal care.  People who require a very firm pillow with a significant amount of support will not be as satisfied.

Buckwheat Pillow Review

A pillow review of buckwheat pillows shows a natural pillow with a long lifespan.  They are made of buckwheat hulls.  The best buckwheat pillow is one which has been made with roasted hulls.  This reduces the chance of allergy, and provides a nicer sleeping experience, as roasting removes all traces of dust from the hulls.  The cheaper styles, often vacuumed instead of roasted, do not have this advantage.  They may cause allergic reactions, and be unpleasant to use.  For an extra-special touch, some of these pillows have herbs added for a nice aroma.