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Which is it?  Is it a pillow or a pet?  Well, it’s both.  Pillow Pets have been around since 2003 and these pillow are so cute and adorable that any kid would love them.  Most inventions or discoveries come out of frustration or a need to solve a problem and this is certainly the case with the pet pillow.  A mom in California was at her wits end as she was tired of picking up stuffed animals that her kids kept tossing all over their room.

Her only intention was to make her kid’s stuffed animal into something more functional and fun.  This mom’s simple idea has revolutionized how kids look at and interact with their pillows these days.  There are many different Pillow Pets to choose from and more are being created all the time, as the company is great at responding to the needs and desires of their customers.  They now even offer cute blankets and backpacks to accompany the pillows.

If your kids love stuff animals then Pillow Pets will be a welcomed item in your household.  It’s like having the State Fair in your home all year round but these are much more adorable.  Can’t you just see your daughters carrying their Ms Lady Bug or Comfy Panda Pillow Pet from room to room or using it to lay on while she watches her favorite cartoons?

The pillows are quite durable so you should not have to worry about seeing them ripped apart and animal stuffing strewn all over the floor.  Excellent craftsmanship and care has been put into the construction of these pillows, which is something that you may not find in some of the knockoffs.

The fact that these pills are kid-friendly makes it very easy for your kids to bond with the pillows in much the fashion that they would with their dolls or Iron man figures.  Another positive thing about the pet pillow is they don’t use batteries so you they’ll never need recharging only a lot of love.

Unlike dolls or other types of toys these are items that your kids can feel comfortable growing up with and using all through their college years.  In fact, don’t be surprised if your kids beg you to purchase more than one pet pillow for their fun and enjoyment.  These pillows are the perfect gifts for birthdays and Christmas.

There is only one Pillow Pet so don’t be lured by cheap imitations.  As with any retail product that becomes immensely popular there will be competitors who come along who want a piece of the pie.  The imitation Pillow Pets are not the same but it’s a little difficult to tell just with a cursory glance.  The fake pillows are not nearly as durable and will end of tearing up after repeated use.  If you plan on purchasing one of these pillows only buy them from their official website which is listed below.

Overall, Pillow Pets are a great buy because they can provide not only comfort but also companionship for your children for many years to come.  They are durable inexpensive, soft, plush and cuddly.  How many times will you be able to give your kids a gift that is not only fun but practical as well?

Go online today to get your Pillow Pet today.