Tri Core Pillow

Tri Core PillowSometimes when you wake up in the morning, you feel a throbbing sensation in your neck or back area. And even when you just woke up and you ought to feel energized, you already feel exhausted. The most likely culprit? Your pillow.

Because of this, you have to consider other pillow options that might help you with this dilemma, since it is very taxing to wake up to the same old throbbing pain and tight sensation everyday. For your most likely solution to this problem, you should definitely purchase a Tri core pillow.

A Tri core pillow is similarly referred to as an orthopedic pillow because unlike most pillows that are available in the market today, it is specifically designed to prevent or look for a solution to neck- and spine-related orthopedic diseases.

This, of course, is its main advantage. Another advantage of a Tri core pillow is that it is specifically designed to conform to the shape of its user when sleeping, and it also comes in an assortment of varying sizes, which is perfect for practically all family members. Moreover, a Tri core pillow is also considered to be a popular choice because it is perfect for both side sleepers and back sleepers.

The secret of the Tri pillow is that it only uses the highest quality materials for an optimized sleeping experience, and it is also the most popular and often requested pillow system in America. Looking at its construction, one can attribute this therapeutic capabilities to its unique trapezoid center design which supports the neck and cradles the head. Moreover, this is often a chiropractor-endorsed product because it can help in the proper alignment of the head and the neck — which necessarily translates to lesser stiff neck episodes in the morning.

However, as with all other products, there are also several downsides to a Tri core pillow. For one, some people claim a Tri core pillow is too big or too hard for their comfort. However, most chiropractors say that this is expected since your neck area and your body in general will need a certain time period before it can fully adjust to a Tri core pillow. If you find it to be too big or too hard, you can use a rolled up towel for your back at night, and gradually increase the towel’s size until you get used to it.

For another, most people complain that a Tri core pillow is too expensive for what they can afford. These pillows, after all, cost from somewhere between $38.64 to $49.95. However, you need to look at the bigger picture here. The reason why a Tri core pillow is more expensive than most pillows is because it is especially engineered to guarantee your restful sleep at night, plus an assurance that it can preempt the potential manifestations of certain orthopedic diseases.

Bed Bug Treatment

bed bug treatmentFirst things first, what really are bed bugs?  Basically, bed bugs are somewhat nocturnal parasitic insects that feed exclusively on warm-blooded animals. But why call them bed bugs? Take note that the name comes from the way they prefer to live – in areas where people usually sleep.

Though such bugs are active during the night, they are not rigidly nocturnal. What they do best is feed off on their hosts totally unnoticed.  Without bed bug treatment it can affect your sleep quality.

Usually, bed bugs bite once per week and could live for as much as six months to a year without feeding. They live inside your mattress, within its seams, the linens, pillows and box springs. They could actually be located in phones, carpet and books.

The past years have seen the increase of bedbug infestation due to the immunity they have developed against certain insecticides. Though bedbugs are not dangerous, their bites have the tendency to cause skin irritation or rashes. It is therefore important to have an effective bed bug treatment. Remember that one bed bug has the ability to lay anywhere from four to five eggs each day.

But where do bedbugs come from?

There are many ways your home could be infested with bedbugs. For one, if you live inside an apartment, bed bugs could crawl inside spaces between your walls. So if your next door neighbor has them, you will most likely have them too. Hotels also have bedbug infestations. Bedbugs could crawl inside your luggage and be carried into your home. Also, bedbugs could get in your house by crawling into your clothes. Used clothing or furniture could sometimes be a source of bedbugs. If you purchased used clothes and bring it inside your house, you may have also picked up a free set of bedbugs.

Believe it or not, your work could similarly be a source of bedbugs. For instance, if you usually go to people’s houses as a plumber or cable guy, you might bring bedbugs home with you or even take them to the home you’re visiting. Also, if you have a guest in your house, they may be bringing bedbugs with them. Students who are coming home for the holidays may bring bedbugs from their college dorm rooms.

Fortunately, there is an effective treatment for bedbugs as long as you know bedbug symptoms and signs of their presence. One way bedbugs announce their presence is through the waste they leave behind. These consist of dark areas and spots on your mattress — such as bed bug faeces or blood. Bedbugs also shed their skin, leave their eggs and even leave behind dead bed bugs.

Bed bug bites are also evident on your skin and appear as small red bites. Bed bugs are difficult to capture as they usually come out while you are sleeping. Their bite can only be felt minutes after it has occurred. The following are ways on how to get rid of bedbugs. Do note that while foggers and bug bombs will be able to destroy bed bugs, these chemicals could also cause them to flee away through the walls and even spread to adjoining rooms thereby making the infestation a lot worse.  Plus, as soon as the fog disappears, bedbugs will simply crawl back in.

One of the most natural way to get rid of bedbugs is by vacuuming. Washing all of your linen weekly is another way to fight bed bugs.  Be sure to wash in warm soapy water to get the best results.  Airing out your home and keeping it well ventilated is another form of bed bug treatment.  However, be aware that you simply cannot remove bedbugs from your home by merely cleaning up. Still, regular cleaning will give bedbugs less places to hide. It will also help eliminate their eggs.

You can also seal pipes, holes, cracks and any places around wires — all of which function as common bedbug entry points. All in all, do not forget to vacuum everywhere and clean stuff which are lying on the floor. You could also dismantle any furniture – such as cabinet or drawer interiors – to find the areas where they might be hiding and then use some bed bug treatment.

Beautyrest Pillow Review

beautyrest pillow review

Simmons Beautyrest makes some of the most comfortable sleeping pillows on the market today.  Most pillow manufacturers claim to make pillows that will last for years and provide quality sleep to every person.

An objective Beautyrest pillow review of the market reveals that consumers pay less attention to pillows and bedding when health concerns are not impacting sleep quality.  There are many advantages and only one modest drawback to Beautyrest pillows.

Bed pillows come in varying degrees of firmness.  The very firm pillow contains little air and provides resilience that can be felt in the head and neck.  Soft pillows are made of porous materials that contain pockets of air within, and cradle the head without back pressure on the neck muscles.  Firmness is a matter of personal taste and only through experimentation can the individual determine the best pillow for sleep quality.

Beautyrest constructs pillows using natural talalay latex to construct pillows that do not contain allergens.  Skin allergies and respiratory conditions are not irritated when sleeping on this pillow.  Natural fibers like cotton are food for allergens, but synthetic fibers resist their growth.  The latex construction of these pillows resists fungus, dust mites, mold, and bacteria.

Tiny pin-holes throughout the Beautyrest pillow provide constant air circulation which keeps the pillow from flattening over time.  When no pressure is on the pillow, air is able to re-inflate the latex material so that your pillow seems new every night.  The resilience of the latex makes the pillow last much longer and retain the original comfort, shape, and firmness.  Sleep quality is directly impacted by the support provided by the pillow, and air inside the pillow draws heat away from the head.

Beautyrest makes pillow covers from stain-resistant fabric and have zippers for easy removal.  Machine washable fabrics will be renewed by periodic cleaning.  When the same pillows are used by different people, being able to wash the cover between uses makes this pillow a healthy part of any bedding set.

Pillows vary widely in price depending on their composition.  Beautyrest pillows are at the high end of the price range, but that initial investment is offset by the long-term usefulness of these pillows.  Most pillows will require replacement within three years.  For hotels, hospitals, and nursing homes, the initial investment will seem exorbitant until the reviews from guest and patients are given.  When you are looking for a quality pillow, Beautyrest pillows will provide comfort and provide protection from allergens.  Hopefully this Beautyrest pillow review has given you better insights about a comfortable and supportive pillow

Can you make a CPAP pillow?

Can You Make a CPAP PillowCan you make a CPAP pillow or should you purchase one in the store? Do you have trouble with sleep apnea? Sleep apnea is a condition that causes pauses in breathing while you sleep. Sometimes it can be a fatal disease.

A way of preventing this is buying a CPAP pillow, which will run you around sixty dollars. Now when you think about that it is a good investment.

What if I told you that you could make your own CPAP pillow for around three dollars? I know, that sounds great, right? Well here are the necessary steps you need to take to make your cost efficient CPAP pillow, without wasting sixty dollars.

You need to acquire some materials first, feel free to write them down.

1. Foam Rubber, 16 inches by 24 inches (choose a piece that is a little larger than this)
2. Scissors (so you can cut your Foam rubber into a 16 by 24 inch pillow)
3. A Marker (to show you were to cut, as to avoid mistakes)
4. Measuring Tape (also to ensure you have the exact measurement)

Make sure all materials used are able to make the right cuts, measurements, and can make a perfectly visible mark. Cut out your piece of foam rubber, 16 by 24 inches, using your tape measure and marker to make sure you get the proper measurement.

Lay the foam sheeting on your bed; lie with the back of your head directly on the pillow. Now make sure it reaches from the top of your head to your shoulders. Now have someone draw a line around your head, and finish where your neck goes.

Now mark the areas where your mask and tubing will lie. Cut it out and be extremely careful to do it properly (this method is for people sleeping on there back, if you want to sleep on your side then just mark your cheeks and neck instead of just neck ending).

Now just insert your tubing into the foam, and add the mask. Make sure that once you are done cutting out the hole in the pillow and inserting the tubes, that you sew it back up. Otherwise it will fall out during sleep When you are finished, test your work and see if it works for a short nap. If successful, you’ll have saved yourself a substantial amount of money, and will be able to answer yes when someone asks you, “Can you make a CPAP pillow?”

Can You Make A CPAP Pillow?

Can You Make a CPAP PillowCan You Make a CPAP Pillow at Home?? Yes, you can make it very easily at home. The pillow is very important if you are unable to sleep well using the CPAP mask. It can help you to improve your sleep and get up relaxed in the morning.

Instead of using a normal pillow which can be quite difficult to position your head while using the mask, make your own pillow and sleep well. Since the mask and the tubing are bulky they may slip out of your face when you tilt your head.

This can cause the air to leak from the mask making it not work properly. So the best solution is to make your own pillow which can help you to use the mask properly.

Some of the materials required for making the pillow include a measuring tape, four-inch thick foam rubber sheeting, scissors and a marker etc. First, measure the foam rubber sheeting to about 16 by 24 inches and cut it accordingly.

Then you have to position the rubber sheeting on your bed. Lie on it in such a way that the back of your head is positioned on top of the foam and your shoulders touch the lower end of the foam. Using the marker mark the area where your head is placed and the area where the neck ends and the head contour starts.

Next, wear the mask and the tubing. Turn your head in a comfortable position to the right and mark the area of your cheeks. Also mark the area where the tubing and the mask lie. Do this for the left side also.

After marking you have to carve the foam using the scissors. Carve out the foam carefully and remember not to cut all the way through it. The top layer has to be carved to make a ‘pothole’ impression where your head was placed. Do not carve the neck area as it is required to provide proper support to your neck. Check the carved space by placing your head in the pothole and modify it accordingly.

If required you can also carve the area of the mask and cheek. You can also remove the area completely where the mask lies. Do this for both the sides. Once the carving and positioning are done, insert the foam into a pillow case and sew the open end. Remember not to sew the end tightly, leave some extra space so that you can easily turn about with your mask on. Now relax and stop worrying about how can you make a CPAP pillow.

Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow

sobakawa buckwheat pillow
Buckwheat is used in sleeping pillows due to the various benefits associated with it. These pillows are like regular pillows made of buckwheat hulls instead of foam or feathers. The hulls are parts of the plants, which cover the kernels and seeds.

Buckwheat is actually a fruit, which is commonly mistaken as seed. The pillows are stuffed with hulls, which are roasted to remove any dust particles, allergens and germs caught inside. Unlike the expensive petroleum based foam, it is natural, renewable and inexpensive which are making these pillows more popular. There are several benefits of using a Sobakawa buckwheat pillow.

Benefits of Using the Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow

There are several benefits of using the buckwheat hull pillow. The greatest advantage is support. The pillow supports the head and neck properly while sleeping. This helps you to wake up fresh without having any kind of stiff or sore neck. Health professionals because of their contour often recommend the pillows. People suffering from neck pain, migraine and snoring can benefit from using it.

The buckwheat hull pillows are available in different shapes and sizes to fit any kind of requirement. They are also found suitable as keyboard rests, eye pillows and tube pillows, which are very useful to provide back support while driving. For energizing and aromatherapy effects, buckwheat can also be supplemented with other useful herbs. Since it is a renewable resource, which is naturally occurring, buckwheat does not cause any damage to the environment and other living beings. The price of these pillows is comparatively less too.

Unlike other pillows, buckwheat pillows do not get heated up easily. This is because the hulls have natural air space between them causing free flow of air. This prevents heat buildup and keeps the pillow cool. This property cannot be seen in pillows made of foam etc. So it is very beneficial to get a comfortable sleep and a restful night. The pillow can either be heated up for getting a warm effect of cooled in the freezer during summers.

The buckwheat hulls are often heated before filling them into the pillow cases. This is to get rid of allergens, dust and other germs, which attach to them from the atmosphere. If they are not heated properly, there could be the possibility of contamination from the hulls. Since your face will be very close to the hulls, people with sensitive skin may have some discomfort like sneezing or itching etc. In such cases, you can discontinue using them.

Sleeping on a Sobakawa buckwheat pillow will help your body to rest in a natural position without any discomfort. It also helps to keep your head and neck comfortable and dry. Many people have enjoyed the benefits of using these pillows and got relieved from problems like back and neck pain, snoring, headaches, TMJ syndrome and muscle tension. Since the Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow  maintains a stable form while you are sleeping the pillow does not exert pressure on your body unlike other pillows, which try to regain their shape.

Sobakawa Pillow Reviews

sobakawa pillow reviewsThe Sobakawa buckwheat pillows available in off-white are made of durable material. Reviewers on the Internet claim they purchased the pillow 10 years earlier, and still enjoy the comfort today.

The pillows are soft, but firm enough to offer support to your head. It is made to conform to your head. According to some people, when washing the pillow it may fall apart, so it is apparent it is not machine washable.

Sobakawa pillow reviews online offer valuable information about the buckwheat and cloud pillows. One person said that she had taking her pillow on a trip, and it helped with the pain of her arthritis. Therefore, it apparent that the pillows offer some healing elements.

Buckwheat hull pillows come in a variety of colors including off-white. The pillows are 100% handcrafted from 100% organic hulls and 100% organic unbleached cotton. The pillows are designed to relieve common sleeping problems, tension, muscle pain, stiff neck, and so forth.  The pillows may also relieve stress and headaches.

Sobakawa pillows are designed to conform to your body, and adjust perfectly to fit your head, spine, and neck. The foam does not collapse. Buckwheat hull allows air to flow through the pillow, offering a cooling system. If you have allergies to feathers or foam, this is a good pillow for you. Some of the pillows are hypoallergenic for sensitive people.

The unique pillows was used throughout the centuries by oriental people. It is filled with 100% buckwheat hull, which shapes to your neck and head. The hulls property creates a unique comfort, and offers support and therapeutic agencies so that you can rest at night peacefully. These pillows are not machine washable. It is advised that you use the pillows with a sham or pillowcase to protect it from oils and dirt.

Weave type of some styles is basket. The pillows contain fiber content cotton and buckwheat hulls. Some people speculate that healing agents within the pillow come directly from Buckwheat, which contains a surplus of nutrients, particular proteins from the earth, and nutty earthly flavors.

The pillows offer aromatherapy buckwheat solutions for relieving neck, head, and shoulder pain. The aroma styles come with lavender sachets, which gives you an option for choosing how much you want to add. The sachets are amply filled, and is loaded with scents. Air circulates naturally from the pillow, so it cools off to make your sleep time enjoyable.

The pillows are designed for people who suffer with sleep problems, back or neck problems. Sobakawa made the Cloud pillows. The Cloud pillows are referred to as cloud pillows because some people say when you sleep on the pillow; it is like sleeping on a sea of organic clouds. Buckwheat comes from ancient Asian regions. But has been reinvented with air beads rather than buckwheat i.e. some styles have. Sobakawa Cloud pillows contain more than ten million beads.

Check out some of the Sobakawa pillow reviews online to see what others say about the pillows. You might find that these pillows can offer you many other benefits than what is listed in this article. Explore!

If you are worried about your neck pain which is not letting you sleep properly, then you need to use the right kind of pillow to reduce the pain. The pain could be due to simple reasons like not positioning the pillow properly, stress and tension etc. You can get rid of your neck pain easily if you know how to position the pillow properly and use a good pillow. There are different kinds of pillows for reducing pain. Use a pillow for neck pain and see the difference it brings about.

While going to sleep make sure that you support your head properly. Do not use many pillows which make your head bent forward. Even if you are reading ensure that your head is in a neutral position with your arms properly supported.

The best position to sleep when you are about to fall asleep is on your back or side. Do not try and sleep on your stomach because it will make your head bend in an unnatural position. You have to make sure that you use the right kind of pillow for neck pain to get rid of it. If you like to sleep on your side, choose a pillow which fills the space between your mattress and ear. Remember not to tilt your head. Given below are some of the best pillows for neck pain. Read the rest of this entry

Sleeping troubles are a common complaint from people of all ages. Many solutions are proposed by physicians and marketers, from pills to fancy mattresses, from soothing white noise machines to fine bedding with high thread count.

One factor in the sleeping equation that is often overlooked is the pillow, but the right pillow can make a world of difference between tossing and turning and drifting off peacefully, to wake well-rested the next morning ready to face a new day.

The wide variety of pillows available can make choosing more confusing, and everyone has a favorite variety they will hold to; some prefer down-filled pillows, others fiberfill, or foam, either regular or memory foam; the stuffing varies as much as the outer material, shape, and size. But one kind of pillow favored loyally by nearly everyone who has ever used one is the buckwheat husk pillow, and for good reason.

Buckwheat Pillow Review

Buckwheat Pillow reviewThe buckwheat pillow hulls are all natural and environmentally friendly and they have been used to stuff pillows for more than one thousand years.  The word Sobakawa is a Japanese word that means buckwheat hulls or husks.

The Sobakawa buckwheat hull pillow has become very popular because it helps to relieve muscle tension in the body; lower and upper back pain, migraine headaches and neck pain.  The buckwheat pillow review provides and in depth analysis of the pillow itself.

You get the ancient secret of the Orient combined with state of art technology when you buy a Sobakawa pillow.  There appears to be something very therapeutic about the buckwheat hulls that fill the inside of the pillow.  Buckwheat hulls are grown and harvested in both Canada and the Northern part of the United States.

Unlike many other pillow fillings buckwheat hulls do not compress as they are being slept on.  In fact, the pillow does just the opposite by conforming to the exact shape of the user’s head and neck while maintaining excellent support.  Long after many have discarded their standard flat pillows the Sobakawa Buckwheat Hull Pillow will still have all of its functionality.

For the ultimate comfort while sleeping, consider a Japanese pillow.  Also known as a Sobakawa, this item is filled with buckwheat hulls, which provide many benefits that feather or down products cannot offer. The name refers to the buckwheat hulls, which is how the item gets its name. Typically the size is 14 inches by 20 inches, which is a suitable size for a standard size case that comes with most bedding sets.

This item has been used in Asian countries for centuries, due to the comfort features. Unlike down, the hulls help keep the head cool during sleep, which is more relaxing and provides a more restful sleep. the small movable fibers allow air to pass through. This is a great feature for hot summer nights. In addition, hulls can often be added or removed, to provide the right amount of comfort for an individual.

While down is comfortable and supportive for the head and neck, buckwheat is also very supportive and gives with the pressure of one’s head. Ordinary products are an odd shape for supporting the head and neck. They can also lose their shape very quickly, while buckwheat hulls keep this product in great shape, night after night.

With all the ‘fluff’ surrounding it, it is no wonder that there is a myriad of Sobakawa Cloud Pillow Reviews out there, and a wide and diverse range of opinions about it.

At present, over 20% of Americans are suffering from chronic sleep loss, and with poor sleep contributing to everything from weight gain and high blood pressure to depression and attention deficit disorder, the search for that elusive good night’s rest continues to be an issue of paramount importance for most of us. As such, it is no surprise that every new product that comes along to aid us in this quest is a topic of heated debate and the cloud pillow is no exception.

Based off of the traditional Asian Sobakawa pillow, (which is comprised of the roasted hulls of buckwheat) the Sobakawa cloud pillow follows a similar design, but instead is filled with over 10 million micro air beads, offering the user a lightweight pillow that doesn’t require any folding or fluffing and can conform to the contours of one’s head and neck.

Simmons pillows are world renown for being some of the best pillows in the world.  The pillows allow the user to create a comfortable sleeping environment and generate better sleeping habits.  The reason why these pillows are so good is because of the high quality materials that are used when creating these products.

Each pillow that is created by Simmons is made with different types of fibers that allow the user to have different sleeping experiences.  Polyester fibers will generate a fluffy and light pillow and will create a soothing sleeping and comforting sleep.  Crimped fibers create a flatter and a more durable surface area which is good for people who need more support for their necks and backs.

Each Simmons pillow is created with the highest standards and are machine woven with sateen cotton.  Just like bed sheets, a higher thread count generates a higher quality pillow.  Each pillow that is created by Simmons has a thread count of 200-350.  The high thread count of each pillow creates a silky smooth surface to sleep on.  

Does putting pillows in a freezer kill dust mites? The short answer is yes, but you cannot put everything that may contain dust mites in the freezer. Washing everything that is washable in the hottest water, especially bed linens is a must for killing the air-breathing arthropods. One ounce of dust can contain 42,000 minute arachnids. Everything else in the home that cannot be thrown in a freezer or washing machine takes a variety of solutions for eliminating the allergy-causing creatures.

Installing a HEPA filter on your AC/Heating unit is one of the first steps to getting the mites under control. These can be found at any of the local big box home-improvement stores. A vacuum sweeper with a HEPA filter is also necessary, especially for homes with pets.

Frequently brush your pet outside before it comes into the house, followed by running a damp cloth over its fur. This will cut down on the amount of pollen and allergens your pet carries inside. Regularly vacuuming around the baseboards of your home will help keep the mites from multiplying throughout the house.

Your child’s stuffed animals may also be put in the freezer over night, along with anything else that will fit, such as clothing that is dry-clean only. If you live in a region which dips below freezing in the winter, setting any large items outside for a day will kill them, as well. It takes more than killing the adult mites, though, to remove them all, and it will be a near constant battle because dust never ends. Read the rest of this entry

The foam (or foam rubber) pillow is a product of the industrial age.  It is rubber produced with a foaming agent to give it that open cellular springy texture.  The process also produces foam rubber of natural even density.  Memory foam is the newest innovation, but this foam pillow review will try to touch on the pros and cons of both.

We are most likely to be familiar with the latex foam pillow, a variation of the original foam rubber.  The fact that these pillows, unlike the old down pillow of yesteryear, would magically spring back into shape, felt softer to the sleeper, and would more uniformly support the head and neck, made this a very popular and common pillow in the 20th century.

Various densities of the foam pillow were delegated for different purposes, and, of course, people have their personal preferences.  These pillows are still around, but are rivaled by the polyurethane and memory foam pillows.

The traditional foam rubber does not hold its shape forever.  Depending on the wear and tear, plus climatic factors, the rubber can lose its integrity and start to disintegrate over time.  The polyurethane pillows are easy to maintain and clean, but in all cases, cleaning directions should be followed.

The position in which you sleep for the most part will determine the kind of pillow, which will allow you to wake in the morning feeling great.  If you choose the wrong pillow, you may wake up in the morning with neck or back pain, numbness in your arms and a feeling that you simply did not get enough sleep.  For a great night’s sleep, persons who sleep on their sides will want the best side sleeper pillows.

As you are aware, not all pillows are created equally.  That is why a stay overnight such as an out of town business trip or vacation can cause you to have a very restless night.  This is also why many people will take an extra bag just to pack their own pillow to ensure a good night’s sleep when away from home.  Unless that pillow is designed for the position in which you sleep, you are not getting the rest that you could be getting.

Persons who sleep on their backs require a very firm pillow.  Without the support of the firm pillow, the head tilts back in an unnatural position.  This can cause spinal alignment problems and may allow the airway to collapse, a primary cause of sleep apnea.  If your bed partner complains of your snoring while, sleeping on you back you may need a firmer pillow.

A search of the internet will find many Sobakawa Cloud Pillow reviews both positive and negative. This pillow is advertised on TV and is included on the As Seen On TV site. The claims are that this pillow will last longer than other pillows, that it gives firm support for the head and neck, and that it stays cool throughout the night.

It is constructed in a way to contour to the individual’s head. There is no need for fluffing it up during the night. It is compared to sleeping on a sea of clouds. A bowling ball dropped on this pillow with an egg under it, does not break the egg. This pillow is reported to have been invented over three-hundred years ago in ancient Japan.

The Sobakawa Pillow is filled with ten million micro air beads that are designed to never lose their shape. The commercial states that this pillow will adapt to the shape of an individual’s head, neck, and shoulders, thereby providing a more comfortable position for sleeping. Its durability is claimed to be ten to fifteen years without losing its shape or its healthful benefits.

User testimony included in Sobakawa Pillow reviews varies greatly. There are those who swear that their best night’s sleep ever was a result of buying this pillow. The positives for these people are that this pillow provides great support all night. It is therapeutic for the head and neck because it takes on the individual’s shape.

The pillow is hypoallergenic which is important for many people for a good night’s sleep. The elimination of dust mites creates a clean environment while sleeping. Some patients with arthritis have reported these pillows are especially comfortable for them. It has also been noted that because it contours to the head, it is good for those who are side sleepers.

An orthopedic pillow is designed to support the head, align the neck, and relieve pressure when lying on your back or side while lying down to rest or sleep.  Our busy lifestyles and constant interaction with technology place us in unnatural positions that cause neck and back fatigue.   Whether you drive a car over distances or work at a computer workstation, your neck and head are not in a position that is natural for most of your waking life. This orthopedic pillow review will provide you things to consider when choosing your next pillow for orthopedic support.

When the tired body lies down to sleep, all the aches and pains from the day are realized.  Every pillow manufacturer including Contour, Tri-Core, Alex, and Arc4Life, has designed and created pillows in various sizes, shapes, and materials, to restore alignment to the cervical spine.

There are pillows for every size and kind of sleeping position to support the legs, back, arms and shoulders, and the coccyx.  The perfect size for an orthopedic cervical pillow is twenty-two inches by sixteen inches.

Pillows of smaller size do not allow for sleeping position adjustment without moving the pillow, while larger sizes do not support the head consistently because there is too much room for the head to rock.  The optimum depth of the pillow will be four to six inches for most individuals who need relief from back and neck pain.

Do you have a deep cleaning ritual that generally occurs in the springtime?  Oftentimes when people start to clean cobwebs from their ceiling fans they often forget to change pillows.  There are many advantages to replacing your bed pillow that are essential to your overall health.

Just throwing those pillowcases in some hot soapy water is not enough.  Your pillow should be replaced at the bare minimum on a yearly basis.  Let’s be honest, most of you don’t even air out or fluff your pillow on a regular basis.  After repeated use your pillow soaks up body oils, fragrances and hair and this becomes a breeding grounding for airborne allergens such as dust mites.

The Pillow Foundation purports that your bed pillows contain an enormous amount of fungal spore that breaks down and weakens your immune system.  They also claim that synthetic pillows contain as much as five times more fecal matter than feather pillows.

Is the presence of these microscopic creatures something you need to be concerned with?  Not hardly, but it is a good idea to keep your bedroom aired out and as sanitary as possible, particularly if you already suffer from any type of breathing or upper respiratory problems.

When you change pillows often you help prevent the buildup of dust mites, bacteria and molds that aggravate chronic allergies.  In addition to replacing your bed pillows every 6 to 12 months you should also use a pillow protector to help extend the life.

So having a nice fresh pillow is not only good for support but also helps to improve your overall health and reduce asthma and allergy symptoms.  A quick method that is a good indication that your pillow might need replacing is to fold it in half.  If your pillow fails to bounce back to its original shape then its definitely time to go pillow shopping.

Even the most minimal maintenance of your bed pillows can have a positive impact on your body’s health.  Not only will you sleep better but will help reduce your incidence of common migraine headaches, back pain and neck strains.  The older your pillow the less support it provides in addition to having those unwanted dust mites.

Did you know that your pillow could double in weight after several years use?  When dust mites and fecal settle in your pillow it causes it to weigh more.  Typically a standard pillow will weigh on average about 10 ounces.  Replacing your pillow is the simplest way to get rid of the dust mites but you can also wash your pillow to help alleviate the problem.  Most pillows are machine washable.

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a place where you relieve yourself of the day’s stress.  Don’t mar that experience by forgetting to change pillows.  Changing bedding is a chore and can also be expensive depending on how much you’re willing to spend.  A good idea is to replace high-maintenance bedding such as comforters and blankets with the kind that is machine washable.  Just remember nothing is more important than your health.

In looking for and purchasing the best possible nursing pillow, you will have noticed the wide array of products available on the market. This comprehensive nursing pillow review will go over the pros and cons of each of the most popular nursing pillows on the market, including My Breast Friend Breastfeeding Pillow, Viva Breast feeding pillow, the Natural Boost adjustable Nursing Pillow, the Boppy Bare Naked Support Pillow, and the Bela Baby Nurse N Glow Nighttime Breastfeeding Pillow.

My Breast Friend

According to the manufacturer, My Breast Friend is the leading breast-feeding support pillow with Lactation Consultants. My Breast Friend wraps entirely around mother and child, providing mom neck and lower back support, and baby an easy place to rest while feeding. It naturally adjusts for all sizes, and stays securely in place for comfort. The strap also allows you to stand and move around while feeding.

However, it can be difficult to put on, especially if you are already holding the baby in one hand, and does not work nearly as well if it is unbuckled. The latch, according to some, is weak, and when taking the slipcover off to wash, the interior pillow may rip. If your child was delivered through C-section, it is possible that My Breast Friend may put unnecessary strain on your abdomen.

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