Best Stomach Sleeper Pillow

Best Stomach Sleeper PillowDo you sleep on your stomach? Do you wake up feeling as if you were beaten by a boxer during your sleep?  This could be because you are using the wrong pillow. Many sleepers do not know that improper support of the neck, head and shoulders during sleep plays a key role in morning stiffness and joint pain.

This pain can be reduced or avoided altogether by using the best stomach sleeper pillow . While many pillows may look and feel soft and comfortable to the touch, as well as feel great to lie upon, they are not always the safest choice.

It is important to be educated on what your body requires from a pillow before buying one. The safest and best stomach sleeper pillow to use for stomach sleepers is one that offers support to the head, neck and shoulders. It should suffice to say it would be best to consider a pillow that is highly recommended by a chiropractor. One with that kind of professional backing would be considered the best stomach sleeper pillow.

Best Pillow Ever Made

best pillow ever madeWhat just might be the best pillow ever made is one that reminds the user of some special occasion in the past. While pillows can be decorative and certainly can make us comfy, what might make them the best is that added quality of sentimentality.

What homeowner does not value keepsakes, does not display a collection of stuffed animals, shot glasses, decorative spoons, family photos, or items made by tiny hands long ago grown into adult children?

A pillow or pillows made from treasured neckties worn by a long-buried father or grandfather or spouse could be treasured as well. Made by loving hands to whom each tie means a memory, this would have to be the best pillow ever.

If the heart is in it the creative process for the best pillow ever made need not be daunting, even to those who do not sew or quilt on a regular basis. The number of ties needed would, of course, depend on the size pillow desired and the width and length of each tie. In general ten or fifteen ties should do just fine.

They should be clean, with no stains. Alternatively, if they have a small stain somewhere that can be cut out, go ahead and do so. Then the pillow maker just needs to turn each tie over to the back and undo the long piece of thread that exposes the inner filling of the necktie. The filling comes out now, and once all filling has been removed from all neckties, they should be ironed flat and wrinkle-free.

Best Pillow Brand for Sleeping Enjoyment

best pillow brandThe best pillow brand is yet to be seen. There are a lot of pillow makers around the world who endeavor to be but the ultimate test of the product is the people who buy them and the remarks they make.

What is the best pillow brand in the world? Comfort Shield has an advanced material substance that protects them from dust mites which adds life to the pillow itself. Dunlopillo High Profile pillow could be considered the best pillow maker. This company gives their products health features as well.

These Australian companies use materials that inhibit the growth of bacteria, mildew and dust mites. This is good for parents who worry about replacing pillows after a child has been sick. These pillows also give good support to the neck and head while sleeping whether side sleepers or back sleepers.

What is the best pillow brand in America; could be Bean Products, Incorporated. They have a very unique way of manufacturing their pillows. They fill them with small plastic beads. The stuffing is made to support each individual in their body contours. There are options for bean size to suit the purchaser.

Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers
best pillow for stomach sleepers

All people have a particular style of sleeping. The most common ways of sleeping is on the back or the side. Both these positions are easier on the body, than falling asleep on the stomach. There are still many people who prefer to sleep on their stomach.

Often times chronic neck pain can be a common issue with this sleeping position, because the spine is not aligned correctly. There are things that can be done to help solve this problem. The best place to start is by surveying the best pillow for stomach sleepers.

One of the best pillows for stomach sleepers is the memory foam pillow. They are offered in a variety of thicknesses. How it works is a person lays their head on the memory foam and it forms to the person head offering maximum support and comfort. This is particularly useful for stomach sleepers who suffer from chronic neck problems. Prices can vary, ranging from about $10 to over $100. Typically a person should expect to pay around $40.

Another fantastic choice for stomach sleepers is an inflatable pillow. This type of pillow allows the person to determine the air pressure inside and lets them decide what is most comfortable for them. It also helps to keep the blood flowing properly, which can reduce issues with stiffness of the neck. Inflatable pillows vary in prices and on average cost around $30.

Best Pillow for Back Pain

best pillow for back painHave you been searching for the best pillow for back pain?  Back pain of any type can severely limit an individual to the activities they can engage in on a daily basis.

In circumstances that are more serious back pain can even become debilitating and crippling if no action is taken to alleviate the symptoms or medical attention is not sought out.

Although there is no substitute for a professional medical diagnosis, there are numerous therapeutic remedies that can help with minor back pain issues.  One of the cheapest at home aids is a back pain pillow.

Therapeutic pillows come in a wide variety of designs specific to individual needs and the location of the back pain. Depending on the severity and location of your back pain, perhaps one of these back pain pillows is right for you.

The best pillow for back pain when looking to reduce the overall stress on the spine, with emphasis placed on the neck and upper back is an ergonomically curved cervical pillow. These pillows replace the flat style so commonly used by gently cradling the head and neck. This cradling action allows the neck to assume a natural posture for sleeping, thus alleviating undue stress.

Pillows Made From Neckties

pillows made from necktiesGiving away pillows made from neckties is a great way to offer a heartfelt and affordable gift this for any occasion. In just a few minutes you can create beautiful and comfortable pillows for men, women, and children.  Follows these easy steps to create your own pillows made from ties:

The first step is to collect and clean all of the ties you will be using.  For an average sized throw-pillow about ten ties will be needed. You May use fewer or more ties depending on the size and style of your pillow but ten is a good number to start with.  Be sure that all pieces of fabric are free of any permanent stains or tears before starting any of your pillows made from neckties.

For the most basic version you will not remove the stitches of the tie, instead measure about 26 inches from the wide end of each of the ties and cut.  You may discard the smaller tips or save them for another project.  Take your first tie and wrap it around the very center of your pillow width-wise.  Use a sewing pin to fasten the ends of the tie on the back of the pillow with the wide side of your tie overlapping the cut end.  

Luxurious Marriott Down Pillows

marriott down pillowsOne thing that sets the Marriott hotel chain apart from others would be their high end bedding especially their Marriott Down Pillows that are used in all of their rooms. Their pillows are extremely luxurious, soft and comfortable.  The pillows can be purchased directly from the hotel, on their website or from Amazon.

In conjunction with their foam bed, the bedding will ensure that you get a great night’s sleep. The bed itself is manufactured by the Jamison and made exclusively for the hotel chain. They make a seven inch and nine inch deep foam mattress as well as an innerspring mattress. Paring the Marriott down pillows with the bed will guarantee that you can get the same sleep experience at home as you did in the hotel.

The hotel chain offers two different types of Marriott down pillows to purchase. Their traditional pillows are supportive and have a unique design unlike any other feather pillow. The problem with feather pillows is that they can lose their loft over time. The Marriott down pillows are designed by an American company that has been in the business of making bedding for the past 120 years. Their unique design is made with a very firm inner pillow of feathers that is surrounded by pure down. This gives you a supportive yet soft pillow.

Fluffy Down Pillows Used At Hilton Hotels

pillows used at hilton hotelsAre you the kind of person who would love to sleep on the luxurious kind of pillows that are used in world class hotels around the world? If you are then the luxury down pillows used at Hilton Hotels are probably just what you are looking for.

People who have used these pillows comment on what a good night’s sleep they had and how often for the first time in years they woke up without a stiff or sore neck.
Hilton Hotel Pillows are so comfortable because they are made with double down which means that they have two layers.

The inner and outer layers which are stuffed with dreamy and soft down and feathers create a kind of inner and outer pillow so that you experience double the comfort and give your neck the best support it can ever have. Face it, these days when our lives are so stressful to begin with, we want to know that when we wake up in the morning we are going to be as refreshed as we can be to face the new day.

When you lay your head down to go to sleep at night you will relish the feel of the cool white cotton fabric, which is the outer layer of the pillows used at Hilton hotels.  Even through the barrier of the pillowcase you will be able to experience the quality of the 100% cotton covers as opposed to cheaper polyester covers.

A bed always feels that little bit more luxurious when it is made up with the kind of pillows used at Hilton Hotels.  It makes every night a special experience when you sink into the comfort and splendor of a bed adorned with feather pillows but without having to set foot out of your own home.  You will also impress guests when they have the best night’s sleep they have ever had and all without the expense of checking into a classy hotel.

Because Hilton Hotel Pillows are made from allergen free down, you will not have to worry about dust mites or bed bugs causing you any problems and triggering your allergies.  You also have no need to worry about little feathers working their way through the fabric and irritating your skin or causing the pillows to become flat over time, because the material used is created with special barrier weave technology which prevents this.

All in all the kind of pillows used at Hilton Hotels are far superior to your average pillow and if you are going to treat yourself to a set of new pillows then you cannot go far wrong if you choose Hilton Hotel Pillows.

Pillows That Stay Cold
pillows that stay cold

It is very important for one to have a good night sleep. One of the things that tend to hinder most people from enjoying their sleep is a warm pillow. A warm or hot pillow can make one have a sleepless night tossing and turning due to the heat it emits.

The resulting features of lack of a good night sleep include the inability to concentrate, a bad mood and grogginess. However there are pillows that are in the market that are recommended for people who have sleepless nights caused by warm pillows, sunburns and other ailments. These pillows that stay cold are designed in such a way that they remain cold during the night as one sleeps. They also tend to be therapeutic to some of the ailments, stiffness and sunburns.

Chillow make pillows that stay cold that are very effective and among the top selling cold pillows in the market. This pillow has been designed with superior technology to provide a good night sleep for the consumer. It has a cool, fresh feeling that offers complete relaxation during the night as it mitigates against sweating and hot flushes.

The technology used allows the pillows that stay cold to actively regulate the body temperature during the night thereby staying not too hot or too cold for the consumer. It has a high loft and the pillow covers are made from the same material as the pillow to ensure that the pillow remains effective.

Snore-No-More – Pillows That Prevent Snoring

pillows that prevent snoring

If you have ever slept next to—or even down the hall from—someone who snores, then you know how maddening it can be. A wide range of anti-snoring remedies are available.

Commonly, these include throat sprays, nasal strips and mouth guards. Some people are even undergoing invasive surgery to correct the problem. Amazingly, however, there are also pillows that prevent snoring.

Snoring is caused by airway constriction, which is caused by awkward sleeping positions that kink airways and force air quickly through the airways. This causes vibration in the throat and nose, and that is the sound commonly referred to as snoring. An anti-snore pillow works by preventing the user from sleeping in a position that will constrict his or her airways, resulting in a good night’s sleep for your bed mate.

Available in a wide assortment of styles and fabrics, these snore-stopping bolsters may just be the solution the world has been looking for. They can be purchased relatively cheaply, with some models only slightly more expensive than an ordinary pillow. However, higher quality products are recommended for maximum effectiveness and can cost anywhere from one to three-hundred dollars. Among the highest rated pillows that prevent snoring are the Contour European and the Snore-No-More brands.

Pillows That Prevent Wrinkles

pillows that prevent wrinklesAre you really worried about those creases that appear on your face when you wake up after a sleep? Then here is something you will be happy to hear about. You can use pillows that prevent wrinkles to stop these unpleasant lines that appear on your face.

Wrinkles are formed by people who sleep on their side with the face coming in contact with their pillow. More pressure is applied to the sides which causes the formation of wrinkles.

People who sleep on their back are less likely to develop these creases.  Using pillows that prevent wrinkles can prevent the formation of these fine lines and maintain beautiful and healthy skin.

These pillows that prevent wrinkles are usually crescent shaped and designed in such a way that it eliminates the pressure on the sides. It provides good support to the chin and head and leaves a hollow space for the cheeks. There will be no rubbing of the cheeks on the pillow’s surface which in turn prevents the formation of wrinkles. So, the skin is not damaged in any way and retains its glow by keeping the moisture content intact. So by using pillows that prevent wrinkles you will be able to wake up fresh minus the fine lines on your face.

Pillows Recommended by Chiropractors

pillows recommended by chiropractors

If you are not able to sleep well due to lack of proper neck and head support or if you are not able to find a good pillow which is comfortable you can contact the chiropractic office in your locality and find a solution to your problem.

There you will be able to find a lot of pillows recommended by chiropractors. Such pillows help to prevent neck and shoulder pain, prevent snoring problems and also induce good night’s sleep.

There are different types of pillows which work differently for different people. So you will have to find the best according to your needs.

One of the best pillows recommended by chiropractors is water pillows. The greatest advantage of these pillows is that you can increase or decrease the firmness of the pillow by adding or removing the water.

This type of pillow is specially designed for reducing neck and shoulder pain and fighting insomnia. Since the pillow does not absorb heat you will have a cool feeling and will not need to flip over to avoid heat. However, it may not be useful for people who often travel because it is heavy to carry.

Feather Pillows That Deliver Sleep Comfort
feather pillows

Feather pillows have been around for quite awhile and people either swear by them or despise them altogether. Most feather pillows either come from duck or geese. It’s true that there is no one size pillow that fits everyone – feather or not.

The lure of feather pillows, especially down feathers, is that they are soft, luxurious, natural, and comfortable. However, if you are dead set on having a pillow that is constructed of man-made materials then you frown upon even the mere mention of the words – feather pillows.

If you’re neutral on the type of pillow to buy this article will enlighten you on the good and the bad where feather pillows are concerned.  Just keep in mind the most important things when buying any pillow is that they provide you with the right comfort and support.  If the pillow manages to achieve these goals then you’ve got yourself a good pillow.  Expect to spend between $50 -$100 on a good feather pillow.

One of the biggest concerns about feather pillows is their maintenance.  A lot of people have the mistaken belief that a natural feather fill pillow would require tons of upkeep.  The truth is that all it takes to maintain a good down feather pillow is a good pillow protector, pillowcase and a regular fluffing and the pillow will easily last you for a few years.

Couch Pillows
couch pillows

Do you have one of those rooms in your home that when you look at it you feel like something is missing? Perhaps the room needs a few accents or a little sprucing up to bring it back to life.

A low cost and effective way to bring an old tired living space back to life is with couch pillows.  For most of us it’s not very practical to go out and buy both new furniture and accessories.  Fear not as the couch pillow will help save the day.

When you buy the right types of couch pillow you can produce a very similar effect that you would if you were to buy new furniture or reupholster the old.  Decorative throw pillows not only can brighten up a room but they also add aliveness to a tired and stale room.  Typically, couches are of a neutral so when you throw in some accent couch pillows you instantaneously take a boring room and make it fun again.

Orthopedic Pillow – Get The Support You Deserve
orthopedic pillow

There are basically three types of sleepers, side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers.  An orthopedic pillow can accommodate your unique sleeping position but there are some things to keep in mind as you go shopping for your new pillow.

Most importantly with new pillow comfort should be your main goal.  If the pillow is not comfortable for you no matter what the cost is you simply will not use it for very long.  You also need to keep in mind that the right pillow for you should address your natural sleeping style.

The right pillow regardless of your sleeping style should have you waking up each morning feeling alive and refreshed.  If you continuously wake up with a stiff neck, headaches, sore ears, sore arms or cramps in your legs these are typically signs that your pillow is not quite getting the job done.

An orthopedic pillow is engineered to help you get a good night’s sleep.   Not only does the pillow provide the comfort that your body so desperately craves but also it helps you achieve proper neck alignment and support.

How To Clean a Memory Foam Pillow

how to clean a memory foam pillowIn order to preserve its composition, you should know how to clean memory foam pillow correctly using the appropriate tools. While a memory foam pillow is very comfortable, cleaning it can be a little daunting and if done incorrectly can cause irreparable damage.

Here are the things you will need:

Vacuum cleaner (with upholstery nozzle)
Mild fabric cleanser
Spray bottles
Clean soft towels
Blow dryer

Cleaning Procedure

The first thing you need to do is pick up all the loose dirt from the pillow using a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery nozzle.  Make sure you suction the entire pillow to ensure that there are no more loose debris before moving on to the wet cleaning.

Mix water (2 parts) with the liquid cleanser and shake the solution inside the spray bottle.  Spritz the solution onto the pillows and let it sit for at 30 minutes to an hour.

Using the soft towel, pat the pillows to get the excess liquid off.

After patting them, spray clean water onto the surface of the pillows using the other spray bottle.

Remove all the excess water off the pillows by wringing the pillow firmly.

After squeezing out all the water off the pillows, use the blower to dry them thoroughly.

“Do’s” of  How to Clean a Memory Foam Pillow

Ask another person in the house to help you out with the cleaning process especially when it comes to wringing out the pillows.  Memory foam pillows can be very heavy when they are wet so you will definitely need a second set of hands to do the job well.

Use the lowest setting on the blower when drying the pillows.  While this might seem a little tedious and time consuming, it is the safest option when cleaning this type of pillow especially since you do not want to ruin it.

Prepare as many clean and soft cloths or towels to wipe the pillows with.  This is necessary so that you do not get any dirt back on the pillows by using the same towel over and over.

“Don’ts” of How to Clean a Memory Foam Pillow

Do not ever use strong detergent when cleaning the pillows no matter how dirty they look.  Detergents usually have a lot of solvent in them which can be harsh on the foam.

Don’t dry the pillows by exposing them to direct sunlight as this can cause the foam to deteriorate and destroy its entire composition.  Be patient with the blower as it can do the job much better and safer.

Once you know how to clean memory foam pillow, you will not find it hard to repeat the process when cleaning is needed again.  When you use these simple tips on how to clean a memory foam pillow your pillow will not only be much cleaner but will last longer.

How to Make a Pillow Case

How to Make a Pillow Case

These are going to be some quick tips on how to make a pillow case. You will first of all need a set of special materials before you start.

The items are as follows:

  1. Spool of thread.
  2. A good sewing needle.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Two pieces of the fabric of your choosing in the size of your choosing.
  5. Sewing Machine (optional).

Now if you have all of these products which can be found at most super centers like Walmart, Target and K Mart, crafting stores such as The Hobby Lobby or Joanne’s Fabrics. Now to begin the process of making your pillowcase.

Step 1.  Thread your needle with an appropriately estimated length. Double threading a needle is often helpful when putting something like a pillow case together. This involves pulling the thread to the needle’s eye about halfway through the thread, doubling it and tying a good, tight, and firm knot in the thread at the top and letting the needle hang down the middle almost as if you were making a necklace and the pendant was hanging in the middle.

Step 2.  Lay your fabric out straight and flat on the table.

Step 3.  Measure your fabric and find the middle point long wise.

Step 4. Cut slowly and carefully with your scissors right down the middle. Place one piece of fabric perfectly symmetrical on top of the other.

Step 5.  Create a hem for both pieces of the fabric by sewing a fold on the ends (Note : Remember to keep the hem perfectly even.

Step 6. Begin to join the two hems together you have made by sewing them together in a perfectly straight stitch. You may want to make sure that each time you stitch the fabric that you give it a firm stitch but not too tight unless you are ruffling the ends.

Note that there are some alternate directions that will be listed here for the optional use of a a sewing machine.

Step 1.  Set up your machine in preparation for sewing.

Step 2.  Align your fabric in preparation to be sewed.

Step 3.  Create the folds you would use for a hem.

Step 4.  Join together the fabric by using your sewing machine. It may be necessary to keep in mind that all of the steps can be different and some of the items depending on what color, shape, or size you desire for your pillow case to be.

Listed here are only just the simple steps on how to make a pillow case.

Lost Sleep – Can You Ever Get It Back?

lost sleep

Staying in bed on while on vacation or on your days off won’t make up for lost sleep.  Losing sleep is just like wasted time, once its gone there is no getting it back.

When you go for long periods of time without sleep your body builds up what is referred to as “sleep debt” which cannot be recovered by extra sleep later.

Sleep deprivation can eventually interfere with your ability to perform daily tasks especially if what you do requires a lot of focus.

The body’s natural tendency is to want to remain awake during the day and sleep at night.  Very few people are getting enough hours of rest at night Here are some strategies that you can use to make sure the you and the ones you love don’t suffer from lost sleep.

The first thing you should do is make sure your getting the right number of hours of sleep each night.  Just because your alarm goes off and you wake up feeling fine doesn’t mean your body has achieved proper rest.

If you’re use to sleeping only 3-4 hours each night your body may have become use to the sleep deprivation and think its normal.  On average you need 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Not getting proper rest will eventually lead to impaired judgment, your ability to think clearly, increased growth rate of tumors, daily stress, weight problems and a pre-diabetic state.

Avoid bedtime snack and sodas because they are usually high in sugars, which will raise your blood sugar level and impair your sleep quality.  Eating snack right before bed may create a hypoglycemic episode where your blood sugar drops too low causing you to wake up in the middle of the night without the ability to get back to sleep.

Make sure you wear a pair of warm socks to bed on colder nights.  Wearing a pair of warm socks has been shown to reduce your waking up at night.  Besides the feet will typically get cold before other parts of your body do.

Get to before midnight.  Most of the body rest and recovery is achieved between 11 am and 1 am.  Your body will need the recharging to be able to effectively meet tomorrow’s tasks.

Never set your body up for a debt it cannot repay.  Once sleep is lost its lost forever and there no amount of sleeping on the weekend that will make up for lost sleep.  When you persistently lose sleep it will take a toll on your body, mind and health.  You don’t have to take sleeping pills or prescription drugs to get a good nights sleep.  All you need to do is make sure you make a few lifestyle changes and you begin to sleep like a baby and have the most pleasant dreams.

Sleep Debt – What Is It?

sleep debt

When your body fails to get the proper amount of rest each night you create what is known as “sleep debt.”  Sleep debt occurs when your body does not get enough restorative sleep and you wake up feeling not rested or refreshed.

If you consistently get less than 6 hours of sleep each night you are probably suffering from sleep deprivation, which effects your cognitive skills.

Many occupations are breeding grounds for sleep debt such as military personal, shift works, and doctors who are routinely always on call.  Not only can your performance of daily tasks be diminished but also your overall health is negatively affected.

One you lost sleep you cannot get it back.  Remember that sleep debt is the difference between the amount of sleep your body naturally craves and the amount you actually give it.  It’s a deficit that continues to grow and can never be repaid.  The cumulative effect of sleep debt can produce heart disease, impaired vision, impaired driving, loss of memory and an increased risk of obesity.

In order for your body to have the chance of experiencing optimal health you should strive to sleep between 6 and 9 hours each night.  When your body gets the right amount of quality rest each night it returns the favor because you wake up feeling invigorated and refreshed.

There are conflicting views of whether a sleep debt can be repaid.  Some experts seem to suggest that you can make it up by sleeping extra hours on the weekend while others say that once sleep is lost- its lost forever.  The real goal should be for you to not get into sleep debt in the first place.

Your body will communicate to you when its tired.  You should go to bed when you feel tired and resist the desire to stay up past your body’s biological clock.  You should also wake up the next morning without the need for an alarm clock.  Waking up to the sound of an alarm clock is both unnatural and unnecessary.

There are two important aspects of recovery sleep, the number of hours that you sleep and your sleep quality.  The best sleep will most likely occur during what is known as deep sleep.  Deep sleep allows the mind to relax and recover.

Sleep debt when not kept in check can become a serious problem.  Although all of the reasons are not completely understood of why we sleep, we know that sleep is essential to your body enjoying optimal health.  Getting a good sleep at night allows you to feel superhuman the next day.  Life has too many things that could possibly stress you out and there’s really no since in creating a sleep debt that you can’t repay.

Good Nights Sleep

good nights sleepA good nights sleep is simply one of those things you can’t live without.  We all know what it feels like not to get sleep well at night.  Suffice it to say that when you suffer from sleep deprivation your not much fun to be around the next day.

Like quantum physics, we still don’t quite understand why we need sleep but we do know that the lack of it can wreak havoc on our health.

Getting six to eight hours of sleep each night is the cornerstone of your health.  When you get too much sleep or not enough your body will feel it.  Sleep deprivation is so widely experienced these days that it often goes unnoticed.  The long term effects of interrupted or impaired sleep may cause serious health issues.

For example, not getting a good nights sleep can weaken your immune system, impair your cognitive abilities, cause a pre-diabetic state, increase chances of heart disease, affect your weight, cause stomach ulcers and cause emotional disorders such as frequent mood swings and depression.

While you sleep your pituitary gland releases a growth hormone.  Lack of sleep interferes with the production of this hormone, which causes you to age a lot sooner than you normally would.  These growth hormones when released normally will help you feel and long much younger.  Chronic insomnia has been clinically shown a greater risk of dying from most any cause.

Lost sleep is just like lost time, once its gone its gone forever.  The cumulative effect of sleep deprivation is damaging to your overall health.  Lack of a good nights sleep can make your life a living hell as most of you have already probably experienced at some point in your life.

There is some good news.  There are many good techniques that you can implement that can help restore your sleep quality.  Whether you’re having trouble falling asleep or waking up frequently throughout the night you will definitely find some relief with the secret sleeping tips I give below.

Make sure your sleeping quarters are as dark as possible.  The best way to achieve this is to use blackout curtains.  Most people don’t know that even the smallest array of light can interrupt your sleep and prevent the production of the melatonin and serotonin hormones.  Getting rid of all light means removing those night lights and covering up your alarm clock if it emits any light.

One easy way to insure you get a good nights sleep is to maintain an optimal temperature between 60 and 68 degrees.  You may be in for a sleepless night if your bedroom is any hotter or colder.  A cooler bedroom coincides with your body’s temperature which tends to drop after you fall asleep.

Keep your bedroom for sleeping and making love only.  Avoid bringing TV’s and work related items into the boudoir.  These items make it much more difficult to fall asleep at night.

When you implement the above techniques you will find that you not only fall asleep faster but you enjoy a much deeper sleep.  Getting a good nights sleep doesn’t have to be hard and the above suggestions are 100% natural – no sleeping pills.

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