The Luxurious Goose Down Pillow

goose down pillowAre you looking for a pillow that brings you not only soothing comfort but also supports your head, neck and shoulder luxuriously?

A high quality goose down pillow is able to combine softness, fluffiness and high thread count all rolled into one.  With the right fill and firmness you give yourself the best chance of having the best night sleep of your life.  You’ll be more relaxed, it will cradle your head like a hammock and you’ll wake up the next morning feeling brand new.

A good down manufacturer will always rinse the feathers and down many times to remove any dirt, dust and allergens that cause any sleeping discomfort.  Look for a goose down pillow that is hypoallergenic to help ease any allergic reactions.

Thread count is important when selecting your goose down pillows.  Thread count is the number of threads you’ll find in one square inch of fabric.  The higher the thread count, the finer the yarns used to make them.

A higher thread count goose down pillow provides you with better light and a much softer pillow for your sleeping enjoyment and comfort.  Also, a tighter woven fabric means that there is less chance of the feathers leaking out of the pillow.  You down pillows will last longer, be much more comfortable and easy to maintain.

Purchasing Good Pillows

Good PillowsSo you’ve just went out and bought yourself a high-end bed and a nice comfortable pillow mattress.  While its good to invest in quality bedding its quite sad that so many people totally forget about investing in good pillows. If you want to absolutely increase your chances of having a good night sleep be sure to get you a good pillow.

Even when people do go pillow shopping they want to know what are good pillows to buy.  There is no best pillow but there is a pillow that is right for you.  However, there are some tips that you should adhere to as you go pillow shopping.

Good pillows are an interesting bedding item, they can definitely increase your sleeping enjoyment but if you hold on to them past their pillow shelf life they actually do more harm than good.  That’s right, the thing you place under your head each night has a shelf life and when worn out it can cause you to wake up feeling stiff and sore the next morning.

As with any bedding item it should be replaced when worn out.  Good pillows will generally last a few years if you take care of then and the less expensive ones may need to be replaced in little as six months.  In fact, if you plan to spend less than $30 for a pillow it would be much wiser to wait and save a little more money.

Cheap pillows are horrible as providing support and the comfort is usually non-existent.  When your pillow loses its bounce back then its probably time to go pillow shopping.  Fold the pillow in half and watch what happens.  If it returns to its original shape you’re probably OK but if it doesn’t its time to replace it.

Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

sleeping positon during pregnancyMany women are wondering what is the best sleeping position during pregnancy.  Typically, pediatricians do not recommend that a pregnant woman sleep on their backs.

However, you can feel safe to sleep on your back while pregnant if you are still in your first trimester.  As the uterus grows inside of you and becomes heavier you should begin to look for an alternate sleeping position

The biggest problem with sleeping on your back during pregnancy is that as the uterus gets larger it presses on the vein that brings the blood from you lower body to you upper body, namely your heart.  If you choose to lie on your back for long periods of time you possibly may be interfering with the nutrients and blood flow to your placenta and your baby that is developing. This is one reason why this sleeping position during pregnancy is frowned upon.

Should You Eat Before Bed?

eat before bedDoes when and what you choose to consume prior to bedtime have a big impact on your health and your weight?  Is it important to time what you eat in order to sleep better and lose weight?

Many people are not sure whether it is it bad to eat before bed and so they buy into the prevailing myths that are lurking around on the Internet.  By the end of this article you’ll be more informed whether or not you should eat before bed is actually good or bad for you.

Most people who trying to lose weight are warned not to eat before bed.  The logic seems to make sense that if you eat right before bedtime that your body will convert the food into stored fat rather than using it for fuel.  The final result will be that you’ll add more pounds to your weight.  Is this true?  Is there evidence to support the fact that to eat before bed may actually be a myth?

Setting Straight The Myths About Should You Eat Before Bed

If you do a thorough search on the Internet you’ll be hard pressed to locate any conclusive information that to eat before bed is bad for you.  In fact, whether you eat late night or just before bed really doesn’t matter as long as you balance your intake of food against calories burned during a 24-hour cycle.

Now where health is concerned there may be some things you want to consider when you eat before bed.  If you regularly suffer from acid reflux commonly known as gastro esophageal reflux disease, GERD then eating right before bed may cause you some stomach problems.  When you go to bed your body lies horizontally not vertically and this can cause the contents in your stomach to flow back into your esophagus.

This will cause heartburn and other unwanted health conditions if it goes untreated which causes you to toss and turn all night.  But if you already suffer from GERD you will undoubtedly have these same symptoms when you like down regardless of the time of day.  Normally, a simple solution to this problem for GERD sufferers is to raise your head with an Acid Reflux Pillow to help keep your digested food where it belongs.

Another reason you may believe it is bad to eat before bed is because you may create a poor sleeping quality environment filled with nightmares and bad dreams.  However, there is no real evidence to support this is true either.  Rather than believing in the myths it’s much more prudent to let your personal experience be the judge.  If eating your favorite late night snack causes you to have bad dreams then just avoid eating those snacks right before bedtime and this should eliminate those bad dreams if they exist.

Consuming alcohol and caffeine before bed are a bit different.  If your body is sensitive to stimulants it’s a good idea not to consume them at least 3 – 4 hours prior to bedtime.  Alcohol induced sleep only works initially because it will cause you to awake only a few hours later and cause difficulty getting back to sleep.

The bottom line is that calories that you may eat before bed and calories consumed at other times of the day are processed differently.  However, there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that it is bad to eat before bed.  Also, remember that your weight gain or weight loss will be the difference between calories consumed and calories burned over time.  So, is it bad to eat before bed?  No, not unless you have a specific sleeping disorder and you fail to monitor your calorie intake and calories burned.

Price of Pillows

price of pillowsWhen you are shopping for new pillows most often your major concern is the price of pillows?  This perhaps one of the most important things to consider when shopping for pillows.  Some pillows you will look at and think the price is too high or you can’t afford it.

These are normal feelings to experience when buying pillows.  You’ve no doubt have had an experience of buying something before where you paid too much and received little in return.  In other words, you’ve been burned and you don’t want the same thing to happen to you when you go pillow shopping.

Let me be frank about something, you don’t want the lowest priced pillows on the market because the lowest priced pillow is always associated with inferior quality, hassles, and lack of adequate support.  What you want is fairly priced pillow that provides sufficient support and comfort. Remember the price of pillows as with anything is only one determinant but not the only one.

If you want a good quality pillow that provides comfort and support you’re probably going to have to pay a higher price. Price is seldom the reason that you buy a particular type of pillow although you think it is.  A Harvard study concluded that only 6% of any buying experience is determined by price alone.

Don’t Let the Price of Pillows Fool You

A pillow is not a commodity although most pillow shoppers treat them as one.  One pillow is not the same as every other pillow.  There are pillows for sale that can cost as little as $10 and there are those that can run over several hundred dollars and with a cursory glance they both will look the same.  You can just look at the price of pillows to know if you are buying one worth laying your head on.  You pillow shopping journey will require further inspection.

10 Tips for Falling Asleep

falling asleep

Falling Asleep – Tip #1

Oftentimes people will wake up in the middle of the night and get themselves in frenzy worried about falling  asleep which actually keeps them awake.  In other words, people try to hard when trying to get good nights sleep.

If you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t seem to fall back asleep within 15 minutes you should leave the bedroom and go to another quite place in your house and do something calming like reading.  Once you become sleepy again then its time to return to your bedroom and give it another try.  It you lie in bed after you wake up you will just perpetuate the problem.

Falling Asleep- Tip #2

Avoid taking naps unless you are debilitated or elderly.  The National Sleep Foundations says that naps taken during the day will disturb your normal pattern of sleep.  However, there are other experts that believe that taking naps will help erase “Sleep Debt.”  Sleep Debt is the difference between the amount of sleep your body gets and how much it actually needs to be healthy.

Meditation Cushion for the Inflexible

meditation cushionLife can often get busy and stressing, and stress can create a wealth of problems in your everyday life. There are a variety of the Zafu meditation cushions to choose from; it is important to take time and consider the different options before deciding, so you can find the right meditation pillow for you. The Zafu meditation cushion is round shaped and firmly stuffed with with 100% kapok.

They are available in either 100% cotton or 100% silk, so you can choose which you find more comfortable and relaxing.

If you need some rest and relaxation in your life, or are an avid in meditation, the Zafu meditation cushion may be the perfect solution. They are affordable, and one of the best parts is that they are a completely natural and safe method of relaxation.

They are even available in a variety of patterns, from animal print to bright red and vivid purple shades. With a Zafu meditation cushion you can finally get the good night’s sleep you have been striving for, and a Zafu meditation cushion is comfortable enough to use every night. It is portable and easy to take with you, whether you go to stay at a friend’s or a fancy hotel.

Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

pregnancy wedge pillowWith a pregnancy wedge pillow, pregnant women will find that they are finally getting the rest that their body needs. There are so many reasons that women have trouble sleeping, even during the early stages of their pregnancy.

For some, their hormonal changes and early stage nausea make falling and staying asleep each night difficult, while other women start to experience sleep troubles as their bodies begin to go through changes. Whatever the reason behind your difficulty sleeping, the difference that a pregnancy wedge pillow can make is absolutely astonishing.

The pregnancy wedge pillow is a good alternative to having a full body pillow.  The one downside is that you will most likely have to use this pillow in unison with other bed pillows to achieve the optimal sleeping position.

The variety of wedge pillows on the market are all different in terms of the amount of support that they provide, the body position that they encourage and their price point.  However,  there are a few things that they all have in common. A pregnancy wedge pillow is small of enough to be used as a travel pillow, it will help take some of the weigh off your back by supporting your stomach and its much more flexible than full body pillows.  Ideally, a pregnancy wedge pillow will help a woman maintain a more natural sleeping position.

This means that the spine will be kept in the correct alignment, which will reduce the number of aches and pains that you feel in the morning. In addition, they can help keep the airways open, which will cut down on the snoring that many women will experience at some point during their pregnancy. With a pregnancy wedge pillow, one will spend far less time tossing and turning trying to find a position that is conducive to falling asleep. Instead, you will be able to find that sweet spot quickly and drift off almost immediately.

Pillow Wedge – Not Just For Gerd

pillow wedgeThe pillow wedge is not your ordinary sleeping pillow or the latest gimmick to come around in our society.  Wedge pillows have become considerably more than just a product for comfort ability.  In addition to that feature, it positions the body in a way that aids optimum blood circulation muscle position, while relieving pressure and weight form other parts of the body.

The uniquely shaped pillow wedge can be used for home convenience and comfort, for home recovery or for medical pain relief.  Consider some of the uses for these angled therapy cushions.

A Pillow Wedge for a Variety of Needs

The back pillow wedge gives the user an opportunity to gain the perfect elevation for comfort in addition to eliminating congestion and difficult breathing.  It slides further under the body for higher elevation and it can be adjusted accordingly if you need less angle.

The bed pillow wedge functions in much the same way by laying under the user to gain a comfortable position and elevate pain.  They are generally larger pillows than the others.

Decorative Purple Pillows
purple pillows

Decorating your home with a unique color or theme can be fun and challenging. You will have to incorporate it into every aspect of your home decoration from the wall paint to the accessories and furnishings. Some people like to have a subtle look while some like to lend a bold and beautiful appearance to the home.

How about the color purple? Try decorating your home with this stunning and bold color you will be amazed at the finish it offers. You can combine it with different colors and enhance the beauty of your room. Use of purple pillows and curtains will add to the visual appearance of your interior.

Have you ever noticed that minute things like a purple pillow can change the entire look and feel of your home? These little purple pillows can be used in different ways while decorating your home. They can be used on the sofas to add punch to its appearance. The best way to place them on your sofa is to group them in odd numbers. If you are interested in having a symmetrical look use even numbers.

Xbox Pillow – The Ultimate Gift for Guys

xbox pillowNintendo’s NES has one. They can be found Skype shaped. MP3 has even gotten into the act. In fact if you have not seen any of these, then it is no surprise you have missed the Xbox pillow.

These pillows are the latest craze in gamer accouterments. Not only can a person relax in front of the television playing one of their favorite games, but now that game can be played in total comfort.

Most of these pillows can be purchased almost anywhere on the Internet. There are even people who have taken it upon themselves to create hand made versions of these pillows and are selling them on places like Etsy and EBay. Be aware that if you decide to get in on the craze and create a few of your own, that you do not break any copyright laws in doing so.

The Xbox pillow you buy is going to either resemble the main console box or the controller itself. They will vary in size, dependent on who you purchase one from. Of course if you are handy with a sewing machine or care to take the time to create one by hand, there are plenty of patterns to be found at various decorative pillow web sites.

Meditation Pillows

meditation pillowsMeditation pillows have very recently become popular. Meditation pillows are not your ordinary pillows. These pillows are designed to give you the best out of a meditation session.

It is pointless to get into deep meditation while sitting on a hard surface which makes it painfully hard to concentrate and reach the purest peak of Buddhist enlightenment and peace.

There are so many different types of popular meditation pillows and cushions that are the market today.

Generally cushions must be selected with your meditation postures in mind. The Zafu meditation pillows is specially made for the lotus and half lotus sitting practices. When sitting on the front edge, you can experience the thrilling sensation of your legs becoming one with your spine in a truly pleasurable way.

The horseshoe shaped Cosmic Cushion is especially similar to Zafu meditation pillows and is designed to give support to the thighs in a manner which leaves room for a comfort zone to be exploited by the ankles and feet.

Pink Pillows – Soft and Luxurious
pink pillows

Doesn’t just about every girl love pink? Even some guys do, too.  Pink is such a very versatile color.  It can go with many styles, fashions, designs, personalities, etc.

So, of course, wouldn’t pink be the perfect color for pillows?  Use the color pink in designs of pink throw pillows, hot pink pillows, pink decorative pillows, or pretty much whatever kind of pink pillow you can set your mind to.

Starting off with the pink pillows that you may just want to throw on the couch, one can make a bold stand on fashion and individuality.  These pink pillows are meant to be decorative by definition.  They decorate one’s living space. These pillows can serve as purely aesthetic means of decoration, or could even serve in function.

Who’s to say that one’s decorative pink pillows can’t also be comfortable and useful?  There are so many places that someone could place these pink throw pillows around the house.  For example, beds, futons, couches, love seats, armchairs, etc., can all be used in the decorative placement of these throws.  These are very similar to that of decorative pink pillows.

Wedge Pillow – Comfortable Back Support

wedge pillowIf you suffer from any type of back pain chances are you’ve searched high and low looking for relief.  Back pain is a serious health problem that affects millions of Americans throughout this country.

One possible solution to your back pain woes may be a back wedge pillow.  A wedge pillows is a low cost solutions that have proven to be very effective at eliminating back pain.

Before you try one of those over the counter pain reliever formulas that are supposed to penetrate deep into your muscle tissue try a wedge pillow for back pain.  These pillows are an all-natural way to help sooth those inflammatory muscles that are keeping you away all night.  They help support your body in a manner that makes getting to sleep a cinch.

When you suffer from chronic back pain you seeking instant relief regardless of how the back pain occurred.  You’re also seeking long-term solutions not some fly by over hyped remedy that will only offer you temporary relief.  Unfortunately, people try all sorts of gimmicks looking for relief to their chronic back pain. Some of these remedies and therapies coupled with a heavy dose of prescription drugs have proven to be quite dangerous.

Down Pillows – Sink Into Luxury

down pillowsWhen you know the right way to buy down pillows it will make all the difference in how you sleep.  Just because you buy a down pillow doesn’t mean you’ve got your hands on a good one.  Discover how to buy your down pillows right and it will add to your sleeping enjoyment.

The major types of all-natural down pillows are goose down and duck down.  Down is located beneath the more rough feathers of the goose or duck and are soft clustered fibers.  It’s very lightweight, which make them an excellent fill for your bed pillows.

When you buy a down pillow it will either be 100% down or mixed with both feathers and down.  Down is a very warm fiber and there are also different grades of down.  Keep in mind the more down your pillow has the more expensive it will be.  One thing that tends to keep some people away from down pillows is the price.

Differences in Down Pillows

  • Goose Down Pillows: Goose down is perhaps the most popular and commands the highest price.  It’s a better insulator and you can buy blankets, duvets, comforters and pillows with this filling.
  • Duck Down Pillows: Duck down is less expensive than Goose down and not quite as good of an insulator.  Duck down has also been know to retain its odor longer but its recommended that all down be aired out prior to using it.
  • Elder Down Pillows: Elderdown comes from the elder duck and is the most light and most expensive of all the downs.  You mostly find this type of down in very high-end bedding.  Iceland is one of the largest producers of Elderdown.

Pillows for Sleep Apnea

pillows for sleep apneaWhat is sleep apneaSleep apnea is that is characterized by frequent pauses in breathing while trying to sleep.  The individual suffering from this sleeping disorder temporarily stops breathing during sleep.

One low cost solution to treating sleep apnea is with pillows for sleep apnea.  There are many sleep apnea pillows on the market but before you decide to buy one there are some things that you should look for.

Look for a Sleep Apnea Pillow that allows you to sleep in the position that comes most natural for you are a side, stomach or back sleeper.  The pillow should provide adequate support for your arm, head, neck and shoulder.

The best pillows for sleep apnea are designed to help eliminate numbness, tingling and arm sleep that often occurs while you sleep.  The pillow should also be contoured in a shape that redistributes your weight away from our shoulders and arm, allowing your arm to rest freely, without any strain or weight that normally happens when you rest your head directly on one of your arms.

When you’re able to elevate your head by using pillows for sleep apnea your air passageways are opened because your get the full extension of your neck.  As your air passageways open you correct the things that cause sleep apnea and snoring. Look for a sleep apnea pillow that supports your entire frame and also helps to align your spine.  This will improve your blood circulation and eliminate morning stiffness and soreness because the pillow will redistribute your body weight.

Toddler Pillow – Perfect For Your Angel

toddler pillow

There will come a time when your baby will become a toddler.  This time will usually occur between the years of one and two.  Everything that transpires during this time is meaningful to the child including a toddler pillow.

Although the toddler stage is a very important stage in the child’s life, it’s recommended that the no child use any type of pillow to sleep under its head before reaching the age of two.

It’s a good idea to allow your baby to sleep as flat as long as possible.  Besides if your child how yet to sleep with a pillow how will it know the difference?

In fact, it’s good practice that your toddler never be left alone in baby crib with anything that may smother or choke them such as pillows, quilts or stuffed animals.  Also, be sure to use sheets that fit tight on your baby’s bed to further protect them.

Each child matures at different rates but generally speaking until your child becomes a toddler avoid placing pillows under their head.  When you do start to use pillows for toddlers be sure to select pillows that made especially for kids that will properly cushion their growing and delicate head.

Allergy Pillow Covers

allergy pillow coversMore than 10% of our population suffers from some type of allergy mainly due to the presence of dust mites.  Many of these suffers have chosen to use allergy pillow covers to help them sleep better at night.

Dust mites are these pesky little creatures that are cousins to ticks and spiders.  You’ll find them lurking in most bedding items such as mattresses, pillows, upholstery and blankets.

They maintain their existence by feeding on moisture and dead skin found in your bedding.  Dust mites do not feed on humans but you will find them in the vicinity of your beds.  Depending on the age of your mattress and pillow they may contain upwards of 10 million dust mites.

Allergy symptoms are not the caused by the dust mites themselves.  Instead, the allergy symptoms you experience are found in the dust mite’s waste protein and other body parts.  When you inhale this protein this is what aggravates your allergies.  Some symptoms that you may be experiencing if you suffer from allergies are a runny nose, sneezing, and itchy and watery eyes.  If you constantly wake up in the morning feeling congested every morning, chances are that it’s the dust mites that are the culprits.  Allergy pillow covers are designed to protect you from these pesky creatures.

Best Pillow for Back Sleepers

best pillow for back sleepers

Back sleepers are those who lie on their back while sleeping, whether with their arms positioned at their sides, or curled around a pillow. Having the best pillow for back sleepers is essential, especially if the person is obese.

An obese person is prone to snore, as their tongue easily drops back to their throat when in this position. This dropping back causes the tongue to vibrate as air is breathed out, creating the sound.

The wrong pillow can aggravate the problem as it can lead to a complete blocking of the air passages, limiting the person’s ability to breathe. This will cause the person to fidget and feel restless, and they will feel some fatigue even after several hours of sleep.

The Best Natural Pillows for Sleeping

best natural pillowsDo you ever wake up feeling congested and not well-rested? If so, the culprit may be lying right beneath you! Many people suffer from allergies that are exacerbated by the synthetic pillow upon which they spend eight hours every night.

Is there a solution to this debilitating dilemma?  Finding the best natural pillows is easy depending on what level of comfort you’re seeking and how much you have budgeted for these eco-friendly pillows.

The best natural pillows offer relief for even the worst of allergenic symptoms. Once you decide to make an investment by buying natural pillows, it is time to choose a filling. For someone who suffers from cotton allergies but still desires warmth in his cushion, there are a number of excellent, comfortable wool pillows. For those who are unable to come into contact with feathers but still crave that soft, light feeling, there is an array of cushions filled with imitation down.

If you love the feeling of memory foam, then you could opt for a cushion filled with rubber. This may not sound very appealing, but rubber accurately mimics the feeling of memory foam. A great substitute for memory foam is latex rubber. If you do enjoy memory foam but prefer not to sleep on a cushion that totally conforms to your contour, then shredded rubber may be a good pick for you.

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