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Orthopedic pillows‘ simple design allows them to easily reshape themselves to the contour to your head, neck and shoulders.  Many people who have experienced some type of neck injury due to car accidents purchase one of these pillows.

Many chiropractors have also recommended orthopedic pillows to their patients are suffering from whiplash injuries to help alleviate their chronic neck pain and stiffness.  Don’t be surprised if most of your migraines and tensions disappear just after a few uses of the pillow.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a “straight neck” or “military neck” orthopedic pillows will compensate for the lack of curvature in your neck.  The pillow may be a bit of a challenge if you enjoy sleeping on your side because the concave doesn’t provide as much support.  Also, after repeated use the shape may not hold up as well but this should not happen for at least 6 months to a year.

Orthopedic pillows are cervical pillows that are designed to adapt to your head, neck, joints and shoulders, which helps to relieve nagging headaches and stiffness in the neck.

Orthopedic support pillows also have a very therapeutic effect in that they help to relieve sleep apnea, insomnia, rotator cuff injury, breathing difficulty, poor blood circulation problems, and snoring.  If you’re suffering from any of the above conditions your regular standard size pillow will not provide adequate support to your back, neck and spine.  The design of orthopedic pillows allows them to keep you in one place during the night, which helps to protect your neck.

Most people are drawn to orthopedic pillows because of some sort of pain they need relief from. Often times in order to relieve pain or heal from an injury, such as a pulled muscle, you need to limit the movement and protect that particular area. Just like a cast will help heal and brace a broken leg or arm, orthopedic pillows have some similar functions.

If you want to get the greatest benefit from your orthopedic pillow make sure you use it nightly and change it out every six to twelve months.  The pillows purchase price averages about $35 so it can become a little expensive if you change it out every six months so be mindful of this before you buy.

When your neck or back is in excruciating pain there probably is no price you wouldn’t pay for one night of good sleep.