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An orthopedic pillow is designed to support the head, align the neck, and relieve pressure when lying on your back or side while lying down to rest or sleep.  Our busy lifestyles and constant interaction with technology place us in unnatural positions that cause neck and back fatigue.   Whether you drive a car over distances or work at a computer workstation, your neck and head are not in a position that is natural for most of your waking life. This orthopedic pillow review will provide you things to consider when choosing your next pillow for orthopedic support.

When the tired body lies down to sleep, all the aches and pains from the day are realized.  Every pillow manufacturer including Contour, Tri-Core, Alex, and Arc4Life, has designed and created pillows in various sizes, shapes, and materials, to restore alignment to the cervical spine.

There are pillows for every size and kind of sleeping position to support the legs, back, arms and shoulders, and the coccyx.  The perfect size for an orthopedic cervical pillow is twenty-two inches by sixteen inches.

Pillows of smaller size do not allow for sleeping position adjustment without moving the pillow, while larger sizes do not support the head consistently because there is too much room for the head to rock.  The optimum depth of the pillow will be four to six inches for most individuals who need relief from back and neck pain.