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Neck Pain Pillows

neck pain pillowsA neck pain pillow can help to relieve pain from the neck and shoulders.  These pillow are specially designed to ease the muscle pain and tension usually caused by poor posture, stress and bad sleeping positions.

Chronic neck, shoulder and back pain is a common complaint these days.  People are working much longer hours at work and they are often sedentary most of that time.

They spend endless hours in front of a computer tapping away at a keyboard and this creates tightness in the back, neck, and shoulders.

Over time the lack of treatment can cause more severe problems such as nagging migraine headaches and lack of good nights sleepNeck pain pillows can be an easy solution in helping those problem areas feel better.

When you’re under a lot of stress and excruciating pain you look for a solution that can provide you with some immediate relief.  Some of the neck pain pillows are filled with wheat, flaxseeds, lavender, peppermint and herbs.  Herbalists have successfully used peppermint for headache relief.  Lavender is popular because it can help relax muscles and relieve tension so to have your pillow cushion filled with such herbs is a definite added benefit.

Good neck pain pillows allows your neck to be curved slightly forward while at the same time supporting it in a similar way that you neck does while you’re sitting or standing.  Maintaining a curve in the neck is important whether you are sitting, standing or lying down.

When you have a pillow that is too high it causes the neck to be abnormally bent, which can cause muscle strain in your shoulders, and neck.  On the other hand, very low pillows can cause a strain in the neck muscles.  Thus an ideal pillow height should be somewhere between 4 and 6 inches while providing adequate support to the shoulders, neck and head.

After the neck pain pillows are heated in the microwave the scent of the herbs is released. This provides you with an easy home remedy for tension in the shoulder and neck area.  When you find a pillow for your neck pain that feels comfortable and conforms well to your head you can finally expect to get a good nights sleep.  Neck pain pillows provide the right firmness as well as the right support for maximum comfort and sleep.