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Are you one of those people who has trouble getting a good night sleep? Do you spend endless hours tossing and turning hoping to find the right sleeping position only to wake up the next morning in excruciating pain? The solution to your problem is often not having the right sleeping pillow.  This is precisely why My Ideal Pillow was created so that your getting to sleep at night is not such a difficult task.

Although sleep deprivation is commonplace in our society today it certainly can have negative repercussions overtime.  Lack of sleep does not allow the brain and other parts of the body to regenerate so that they function at it their highest level.  Also, without enough sleep your immune system is weakened, which causes your body not to be able to ward off infectious diseases as well.

My Ideal Pillow is a customized pillow designed to give you a restful and comfortable night sleep.  The CEO and designer of the pillow is Dr. Mark Cooper, a chiropractor.  As you can imagine, over the years Dr. Cooper has seen patients with various problems related to back pain, neck pain and other sleeping problems.  While he recommended hundreds of pillows to these patients he discovered there were a couple of flaws associated with recommending a non-customized pillow.

The biggest challenge is that there is not one pillow on the market that fits everyone’s sleeping challenge.  It stands to reason that someone who is larger in statue would not require the same pillow as a person that is much smaller.  The second flaw is that different sleeping positions require different styles of pillows.  A side sleeper, back sleeper and stomach sleeper should have different types of pillows to achieve optimal rest at night.